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In the news you can see small list of the new version's changes.

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Hi all. The new version of The Last Hope of the Third Age 0.33b, which will be released at beginning of next 2013 year, will bring many changes. General innovations:

  • Increased performance. Optimization highly up amount of fps and allow to play the mod more comfortable (look at graph above). As seen, fps on my configuration was twice increased. Note: isn't need upset because of little numbers on graph, it's just benchmark. In game fps is stable, of course.
  • Models are improved in visual aspect: better lighting, some models received better uvw, added snowy and burnt textures for units.
  • Will be added first mission of large campaign, which will consisted of four parts. You can see details on mod's website.
  • Role of siege machines will be increased: catapults now will be built in small hordes, what do it more effectively. All factions will be have siege towers and stairs.
  • Will be added wagons for all factions, which allows to transport units.
  • And, I hope, in next beta will be added ships.

Well, it's kind of all. Sorry for bad English, if you're not understood something of my little speech.

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