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As the title says! After a lot of work, sweat and tears the new version is finally out.

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This mod attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe. The starting point of the journey is year 1257 AD and attempts to be as historically accurate as possible. From this point on the player and NPC lords shape this land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent.

Knightly charge Knightly charge

changed patch 0.10
- morale penalties for mixing troops of different religions/cultures.
- Kingdom of Navarra removed
- Papacy no longer an active faction, ie. it does exist but it cannot attack or be attacked.
- mercenary contract expiry date added to the budget report
- pay day date added to the budget report
- peasant rebellions will be less frequent, if one breaks out and is put down another one will not break out for a month
- fixed autoloot bugs
- added troop trees documentation
- more bandits and lairs, now properly spread around the world as it was supposed to be
- adding kuauik's stuff (in progress)
- tavernkeepers can send messengers to companions and have them come to their tavern and wait for you to hire them
- some new mercenaries - genoese crossbowmen - available in Genoa, varangian guard - Constantinople when it's under the control of the Byzantine Empire
- equipment changes by Skandinav
- new helmets, various types
- formations added for the AI and player
- additional castles by DrTomas, Lehmsal and Dorpat.
- Andalusian castle props added, make some scenes please
- Granada reinforcement waves reduced by 25%
- lances and other polearms can break now (only affects regular troops and only for the duration of the battle)
- different composition of recruitment waves for different factions, ie. English get more archers, French more knights, etc. So now even if the troop tree is the same the composition of the armies will be different.
- after death cam, free camera mode now available as well, mouse scroll up and down switch between your troops, WASD keys switch to free cam mode and let you view the battlefield freely
- map updated big time
- lots and lots of textures from kuauik, Cumans, Arabian stuff, lots and lots of stuff
- banners with proper heraldry for most factions now
- map performance better
- item pricing and stat changes (good quality items very expensive)
- new models for long axes by Rath0s
- new heater shield model by Rath0s
- settlements for France redone
- some settlements moved around
- 'plastic' spear shafts look like wood now
- faction religion now shows in the 'notes' window
- shield skill capped at 0
- powerdraw skill capped at 2 (still thinking about this, I can't balance bows properly with this skill in effect)
- powerdraw requirements removed from bows
- troops no longer have a 'shield' skill, that means the 'force field' is gone
- roads, they're flat now and much wider, they don't seem to attract the player anymore


Currently I've pre8. I must update it now! :)

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You didn't set the flags good. They are mixed,but not all of them.
Can you correct this?

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This mod is fantastic a lot of thought has gone into it. I cant immagine playing M&B without this now. I do have a few problems though I would like some more powerful sword choices (could you put all the vanilla weapons in there to?)more is always better! and the companions: im not sure how to put them into the game :/

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Amazing job, just amazing, started playing two days ago. A few questions : sometimes my soldiers (tier one troops) seem to disregard my orders and stay where they are is this because they chicken out or is it a bug ? and is anyone else having problems with the sky ? My pc is crappy so it wouldn't surprise me if that was the issue but i always get a pitch black sky.

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