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In which we talk about the latest Edition and why you want it.

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Hello again, this is Iritscen from the Oni Central community. First off, I'd like to apologize for not updating this page back in 2010 when we released a new AE. We announced and uploaded our 2009 AE, but then neglected to come back here and update the pages for our release the year after. Well, three years have passed since then and Gumby and I have been super-busy with various Oni projects, so we couldn't get back to the Edition.

With major help from some others in our community, though, I'd like to announce the latest and greatest AE, Anniversary Edition Seven. It's got a new Installer (AEI2) that detects when updates are available (for itself and for the mods you've installed) and downloads the updates for you. It allows you to browse and install all available mods from within the GUI, too -- no more downloading them in your browser, dropping them in packages/, then opening the AEI again.

We no longer include new creative content in the AE because that is really the domain of our modders. We just provide the framework and include the tools needed to install the mods. So any pictures uploaded here are of mods that you can download and install easily, but they're not technically part of the AE. Just wanted to clarify that.

All right, what are you waiting for? Download the Setup app for your operating system of choice and get going! Note that you will need Java and .NET/mono installed (links on the download pages). Support is available at our community forum.

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