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Download and play the first map of Annie: Episode 2 now!

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The first map of Annie: Episode 2 is finally here! This demo should give you a taste of things to come. New monsters, new textures, new props and a new soundtrack, it's all here to give you a new experience in the Annie universe.

Screenshot Doom 20200715 145839

After Annie's defeat in the first episode, you find yourself on a different planet with new hazards and enemies ahead. This time, there are four customized skill levels to choose from. Don't get too comfortable though, this will not be a walk in the park.

Screenshot Doom 20200715 150555

The map is large and open. You have the ability to choose how you tackle certain situations and in which order you grab the keys. There are numerous improvements compared to the first episode. I made use of UDMF, a Doom mapping format that allows the implementation of many great features.

Screenshot Doom 20200715 145726

There are a few nasty surprises and "cool" secrets for those willing to investigate this hostile planet and its vile inhabitants.

Screenshot Doom 20200715 145235

Before you play, make sure you have the latest version of GZDoom. You will also need the original doom2.wad file.

Annie: Episode 2 demo


1. move to your GZDoom directory;
2. drag and drop to GZDoom.exe.

This mod requires jumping, crouching and mouselook to progress. The mod also relies heavily on dynamic lights and other GZDoom specific features.

Have fun playing!

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