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Angbad was tall.Its peaks tall but dark.High above the dark lord resided

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This news post has no new images but ill give you a progress report.Are Valar fraction is turning great now with all the Great Valar heros have there models designed and textured. But today has little time for the light but its is for angbad.

Angbads heroes would obiously Start with morgoth but his concept is no were near finished.But then next hero will be gorthaur heres his skill set

Lord of Shadows=leadership bonus
King of the dark Creatures=Gorthaur randomly morphs to a were wolf or vampire with two bodyguards randomly chosen between race. This is only temporary.

These are his only complete powers his others are still in thought.That's angbads heroes for now but now will show you the buildings and soldiers of Morgoth.

Orc Pit=trains orc units and trolls and riderless wargs.
Abyss=Trains Dragons and elite trolls.
Tol in Gauroth=You can only build this building once.Here you can train were wolfs or vampires.

That's all for now but in part two will give you the subfractions of darkness and the spell book of the Valar.

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