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Six species of MyWorld have evolved their brains to an intelligent state! Steir, Vapiole, Tatoime, Ghul, Neonni, Iteseni. Also, finished the Land Herbivores. Now to do the 1970 flora! This should be fun... sigh...

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1980 species have been generated for MyWorld.

Six species have generated as intelligent enough to be considered a prominent species.

First, the three carnivore species;

Colour: Ash Grey
Size: Small
Arms: Two
Legs: Two
Adjectives: phobia of fire, Toothy, Scary-looking

Colour: Beige
Size: Medium
Arms: Two
Legs: Two
Adjectives: Curious, Terrifying, Magic-capable

Colour: Salmon
Size: Medium
Arms: Two
Legs: Two
Adjectives: Aggressive, Evil, Dislocatable Jaw

Secondly, the three Herbivore species;

Colour: Magenta
Size: Large
Arms: Two
Legs: Two
Adjectives: Sociable, Cautious, Beautiful

Colour: Charcoal
Size: Medium
Arms: Two
Legs: Two
Adjectives: Ugly, Naturally Armoured, Tailed

Colour: Baby Blue
Size: Small
Arms: Four
Legs: Two
Adjectives: Friendly, Fire-breather, Highly Magical

Now with the Fauna done, I need only to complete Planetary Development and Flora Development before I can move onto the more interesting modules (Pollination?).
You can keep up to date with the To Do List Here.

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