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this is just a reminder that all the images of rooms/cams i post... Is just early sneak peak look! I'm going to ADD more details later in the progress!

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(Warning: some of This text might me autocorrected and i didn't see it when i checked!)

-Game related:
I don't know if you have notice it yet... But i've startes Working Again on the game! here is one thing i'm happy about the game resetting though.. The previewst rooms Were ugle and look unproffesionel. (Made in Minecraft :3) so now i'm making it in mine-imator (Which i also use for posing my models) instead of using minecraft and one of my friends to play springtrap.

-Early access related:
So yea... I have thought about giving early access(ers?) Extra content that only They Will see! (Getting a personal e-mail from me) the Extra content i'm giving out to them is NOT allowed to be published in anyway unless i say that They Can! The Extra content I'm going to give out to Them is still and remains unknown!
All i Can say is.. That They Are in fact getting VERY early versions of the game and Extra sneak peaks

-More games?: i have a feeling you click on This news to Read about (More Games?) and yes! There is (hopefully) going to be a Five Nights in minecraft 2 and 1 (Maybe 4 idk) Remember that This is just an idea! Please comment Down below if you want me to make a FNiM1 2 and prehaps 4!
This is all i Got for you guys today!



I am now even more grateful I made you continue to work on the game rather than cancelling it.
I am on the list and haven't got early access so when will I get it?
I don't expect it to be soon as you have only done 6%
Great news update I would like to see more games in the series :)

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LucasionGS Author

I think about giving you guys access when it's about +80% complete

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Thanks for replying :)

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