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Infantry updates, voice showcase, general progress.... yes, I'm alive!

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It was quite a while since I posted anything. Well, there are many reasons. First, I am an university student.... which doesn't allow me to have much free time to post something. Not to mention, dunno what to show, most things I have ATM are not yet showcaseable.

As an addendum, Ares 0.2 is out, (finally, yay, raise bottles to the air and thanks everyone involved) and I have to care about my code aimed to hit 0.3. Since I promised that about AttachEffect and Bounty.

But I haven't gave up yet. AS is progressing (I just have to be a cameo factory) and today I uploaded two images to point out it's still alive.

Finally, Soviet and Yuri infantry are complete with cameos (at most of the other sides, only the cameos are missing). Profiles will hit the main page later, when I'll get time to type the litanies. Thanks to everyone involved to make this happen.

Also, I uploaded a short preview of Igor's voiceset.

Yes, he's not like Boris, he's much brighter than Boris.... with being an expert on Tesla technology, Igor is the reason of Russia's Tesla specializing. And you'll see it... I hope soon, but can't say when.

About general progress, on the other day I realized where from should I gather voicesets for Oppressors, and so, my last doubt about that I can never finish this mod went away. I am also taking preparations for AI coding (since right now AI is braindead) and we'll see how well my AI will perform. Overall it's only a maximum of 7-10 units which still requires more than minor stuff.

And I hope if around late November I can replace my HDD which would allow me to record showcasing videos (because current is too slow to make those vids not lagging).

So yea, I'm doing it all fine and the plans are getting finalized. Slowly and steadily, this mod will get complete. Stay tuned.

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