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A small informant, first news on my plans with this mod, and a shout for help!

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Hello, and here i am, telling you things about The Turn.
First of all: This is my first mod/Custom Story, so keep that in mind.

Second: The actual news.
I have finished the first two levels of the game; the initial area and a hub map. Development on a third level has begun, but that will take a bit longer, since it will contain new code i am not familiar with.
This will also be the biggest level yet, mainly because the other two levels are quite small, but yeah, it's the biggest.

Third: I am looking for help.
Not on mapping or scripting, i got that covered, no, i need playtesters.
So, if you are willing to be a playtester, apply at the development group(TerraJump Mod Development), and i will take you in consideration.

That's all for the initial news, stay tuned for more.

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