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But who IS the AArcade community? How many people actually play? This issue will fill you in on some of the exciting stats about the community and also highlight an awesome new cabinet pack by Invict that hit the Steam workshop last week!

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Each week *cough* this newsletter highlights awesome content from around the Anarchy Arcade community. But who IS this community? How many people actually play? This issue will fill you in on some of the exciting stats about the community.

In addition, there are some new community-made cabinets on the workshop this week that you're sure to get a kick out of. Let's get to it!

There are a lot of different places to get stats from: SteamChats, SteamSpy, and the developer stats. While they all vary slightly, most calculations seem to agree with each other. So here's the run-down of what AArcade's community & player base is like:

Players in the last 2 weeks:
16 thousand

Peek concurrent players per-day:

Steam Workshop shares:
1,337 (I'm serious)

YouTube videos watched from inside AArcade last month:
175 thousand

YouTube videos watched from inside AArcade this year:
1 million 77 thousand

And the year isn't over yet! It's great to see a community forming around AArcade that not only gets enjoyment from using it, but also makes it a better place to be by helping each other out on the forums and sharing onto the Steam workshop. You all deserve an applause!

It's very inspiring to see so many people getting the kind of enjoyment out of Anarchy Arcade that I had in mind when creating it. I've noticed everybody's patients as I fix/improve things one at a time working towards a quality good enough to remove that Early Access label and it is duly appreciated. Thanks for playing!


Even though the name Invict hasn't been mentioned in Anarchy Weekly before, he is pretty well known among the community either personally or through his awesome workshop shares. Well, last week Invict decided to step it up a notch by learning to take regular 3D models from sites like and turn them into game-ready dynamic arcade models that can be used in Anarchy Arcade.

His new workshop share includes the awesome stand-up flight cabinet shown in the screenshot that adds some much needed variation to your flying arcades. You also get some other great all-new (to us, anyways) cabinet models ported over by Invict. Invict would also like to thank OkeDoke for teaching him the basics of blender and how to create Anarchy Arcade models in general! Nice teamwork guys!


AnarchyTV's live all-day Wednesday stream has been going strong weekly from 6am - 10pm. Most recently we had another Twitch streamer, xDraLLoCx, win the Steam gift giveaway and receive Fallout: New Vegas! So congrats to him and to the previous week's winner who received Zombie Driver HD! I hope you guys are enjoying your games and drop by the stream again in the future for more fun & giveaways!

It's also a great place to come see what Anarchy Arcade is like to use as your 3D desktop and ask about any questions or concerns you have. And most of all, have some fun! Until next time be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!


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