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Explaining the ghost-town-ness of the group. I have a few ideas, but it all depends on YOU.

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Alright, a little update.

First of all, there was an episode recorded last week.

Second, I am not the beholder of the vids (trust me, if it were me, there would be something up every other day, lol) that is MattmanDude's job. Matt has become a little sluggish with the vids being released, his excuse being (roughly quoted):

"I'm not going to bust my a** working with getting these videos released for 3 or 4 viewers. Only BlackBrunez, the Admiral, Delta, and xXManiacXx (I think I got your name right there, sorry, lol) actually enjoy the shows (and River). Without comentator support and forum use, I see no reason to hurry to finish and release the shows."

Tack on the fact that Matt has disappeared for the past few days doesn't help. SO what we have is an unfinished episode (a fun one to btw, talked about free games and source mods SPOILER) on a computer we can't access (since Matt is gone).

SO, now we come at the present, what to do now? We could either let the group lie dormant for a while until Matt returns, or I could try and get some stuff onto the air. Maybe RiverDg1, Admiral Skeybar and myself can pull together and do something (though it would have to wait a day or two, I'm recovering from a flu bug, so my voice sounds like Bill from Left 4 Dead). I have a few ideas I've been trying to get past Matt (though at the time he was concentrating on murdering everyone in Mount & Blade) that, if any of you like, I could do. I was thinking more of a Let's Play series of a few games we play quite a bit together;

Left 4 Dead 2

Team Fortress 2

Portal 2 (We actual tried to record some of this, but our mics got screwed up in game)

Zombie Master (We actually haven't done this one in ages)

The Hidden

and so on and so forth

SO, I COULD try and record stuff with some of our guest stars from past episodes together while we murder everyone in one of the games above (odds are TF2, since I know we all have that game. Me and Admiral have been going at it well the past few days). Though, since I do not have fraps yet, it would be recorded with Livestream, which isn't the best quality. Decent (for a great price, free, lol) but not as good as a dedicated recorder.

Do you all like the idea? Do you want to grab torches and pitchforks because of my suggestion? If any of ya have another idea of what the group could do, go ahead and either post it here or throw it into the forums. I run by this group at least every day, so odds are I'll see any suggestion.

I could be really daring and do a solo show for a bit, but I don't think you all would like to hear me rant about stuff alone for 10 minutes or so (it is the MATT AND Zach show of course). If I do that, then odds are it'll just be at my private profile.


I remember Matt told me on Steam a few days ago the you had recorded an episode only that he still had to edit it.
He also said he was going on a long trip somewhere, which means that he probably won't be uploading it soon.
Let's keep the missing episode as a treat for when he gets back.

I would love to do a show with you guys, I have Audacity which is perfect for recording and After Effects which is great for special effects. The problem is that I'm moving from my old apartment to a new one in just 2 days, this means I need to get settled in and I probably won't have any internet for a few days and I'm going to be generally busy with other stuff like finding a job and when I've found a job, working.
This could be a problem, however I hope I will have some time over for my usual things like, browsing moddb, playing TF2 with Zach etc. etc.

I think it's a great idea.
Recording something about Portal 2 is really a good idea as well, especially now that most people have had a chance to play the game.

So let's keep the show going and we'll see when Matt comes back.

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Vader91 Author

Well, real life comes first, so do what you need to do. But thanks for the help.

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A let's play of Left 4 Dead 2 sounds really excellent, as for a game like The Hidden couldn't be so good because the mod is a bit more serious and slow paced so it wouldn't be that funny as you would be tight all the time trying to figure where the other guy is.

Still, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 Let's Play series would be so cool, and btw what happenned to Matt ("(since Matt is gone)")?

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Vader91 Author

I believe Matt went on a trip (or started moving, can't recall clearly) to Washington. Though he gave little to no warning before he left.

Also, when me and Matt do the Hidden, it's worth a few laughs, lol. I myself never play the game seriously.

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I gave tons of warning. Here I am in Washington with little or no internet or privacy. "IF" I get a chance I'll get the show uploaded while up here. Though we've hit some serious "roadblocks" I'll say.

Sorry for all the inconvenience but real life comes first.

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