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With plenty to do, the construction of Glitch has begun. We Welcome you to follow our progression.

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With so much to actually do, it has been more of getting the coding to work before we begin digging deep into the game construction. After all, what's the point in creating a good looking game if it doesn't work in the first place?

So what is Glitch? Glitch is mod that we at "Cyberwaste Studio's" are working on, and most importantly we are hoping that Glitch can actually be an interesting idea that attracts people's attention, and therefore make people want to play it.

We've already spent four months planning it, now we want to push in some actual creation and see how our first version comes out. For the most part, it's all been about the code, making the camera work, making the custom character work as well as some animations for when he walks about the world. Some parts have been straight forward, while others have been difficult, much more difficult. Yet, we have plodded along and finally begun getting somewhere. Some pictures added recently will show a few first iteration models and textures. There will of course be updated as time goes on, and hopefully look a bit nicer more interesting.

It is important to note that Glitch will be kept rather low poly in design, but will be buffed up with some nice textures. So while we sit in the very early stages, we hope to return soon with some more updates and images to impress.

In the next update, I'll give you some more information about the actual game, as well as give you an update to what's being done.


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