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We have decided to make some changes to descend mode to give the excitement ascend brings us :).

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Hey guys, just a small update. To those of you who played the beta: if you remember descend mode, we have decided to make some changes to make it a bit more thrilling. The biggest reason we found we enjoyed ascend more than descend was the fail condition for the screen filling. It was a rush having to constantly clear blocks when you played faster songs.

The biggest change to the mode is the addition of a laser on the bottom of the screen, as you can see here. Please note, that this is the first version of the laser. There will be a new one tomorrow, and we want you to help us decide which to use!

So anyway, this laser will go to whichever column your mouse is in. The laser can be fired with the tab button to clear out blocks. If a block hits the laser, you will fail the round! Sliding of the blocks will still be allowed, but you won’t be able to slide blocks down when they have nothing to stop them (you can’t make them go off screen anymore).

The only thing we haven’t determined is how you will gain shots for the laser. Right now our idea is the player will have to make blocks fall by getting it where a block is touching nothing, so it is floating in the air alone and will fall. These blocks can then be caught by the laser, netting you a few more shots. If we find this too hard to do regularly, we will probably give you an infinite laser, that can overheat with a cool down period. Either way, we feel this will make the mode much more enjoyable :).

Also, we will be posting on here more regularly from now on to keep you guys better updated. Have a great day everyone.

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