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Oberon's Court development back on track. It's been a while but development is up and rolling again.

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It's been a while since I've updated Oberon's Court. But the good news is after a slight hiatus its back on track and development is progressing steadily.

To showcase the latest development I've added a new video. It showcases squad selection and control. I'm emulating touch with the mouse so tapping is a bit twitchy. But on my note II things zoom and swipe along quite smoothly (at 40fps)

Also the unit spawning is up and running. For not its just spawn on tap. But in the final product spawning units to a squad will require collecting and mixing resources to create a custom specialized unit.

I've foregone some of the pure tilebased logics and interactions, as the pathfinding is happily chugging out units at 40 fps, so a more Dota like control feel is possible. Making it more a mobile RTS than a tilebased strategy game. Tiles still play a role in control and resources but not directly in unit selection or movement..

Looking forward to any feedback on the progress, and working hard to get the combat system up and running for the next video..


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