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April's update, straight out of The AlterVerse!

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Greetings, from the AlterVerse! We just posted our new game trailer up on YouTube! Please check it, post your comments and give it a Thumbs Up!!
We'll be using this to help promote our Kickstarter campaign. We’ve set May as the month for launch, so join the 3000 now before it goes to Kickstarter if you want to take advantage of the Lifetime Citizenships that we CAN'T offer on Kickstarter!



New to the team is our Community Manager Howard Kaplan aka Ira Reddhart! Warping in from Hollywood, CA, Ira is a scallywag from the Planet Caerule in the AlterVerse. He’ll be hanging around our forums and reaching out on behalf of the AlterVerse all across the interwebs.
Say ahoy!

Meet Scot Kinney aka Scottie Sirius, the inventor of the the AlterVerse! He has been working on a lot of things including a new website, the Tap-link and a GUI reskin! We’ll be updating Tap-Link images on the App Store and Google play shortly. Scottie teleports in from the frozen tundra of Minnesota USA.

Like the concept art we posted above? It's by Christof Grobelski. He's a freelance Illustrator and Concept artist based in Berlin, Germany. His clients include Kalypso media, Deep Silver, Applibot, Paizo publishing, Privateer Press and many more. You can check out more of his work here:

Rohan Singh of Spuke Animation
is upgrading our character avatars. We’re starting with a complete new Celtic Huntsman look for the Mythriel Male and Female. There’s a sneak peek here. After that, he’ll tackle the Mayan look and then start adding more accessories and civilian clothing options for all Home Worlds. Say Hey to him on his FaceBook page:

Kickstarter Update: We are currently working on the Kickstarter video, hoping to have it ready by mid April with a May 1st launch target.

That’s it for now. We should have lots of sweet sweet screenshots and maybe a trailer or two coming up soon, so keep an eye out for more updates from the AlterVerse! We’ll see you in the AlterVerse!

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