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A little update that i suggest you all should read

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Alright so i have been very inactive for a while now and i am very sorry for that, made a little bit of progress both in scripting and level editing.

So time is running by very fast right now and in just a week or so it is my birthday and i have tons of stuff to do, aswell as for christmas i have lots of other stuff to do so dont expect a lot of progress and updates because now i actually have to leave this project for a little while which i am very sorry for. I am hoping to continue this project maybe at the end of december so its not a very huge break at least! I will maybe work on it someday though just when i dont have anything to do and i am bored, but it will probably not be anything really special.

I've also been thinking of buying SOMA and if i do that i have been thinking of moving this mod and continuing it in the Hpl3 Engine. I thought of this idea because this page will be empty in a while when people will be playing stories for SOMA instead of this, so i will probably be getting tons of more comments and rates if i move to hpl3 and post my mod there. I need you guys to decide that! Let me know what you think of moving this into the SOMA engine. Note: this mod will still use it's normal atmosphere and entities/static objects, i won't be doing completely different maps because of this it will still be the same thing, story and everything

Thank you for supporting my mod!


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