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A major(ish) update with story and pleas for help...

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Yay! More content!
After a few weeks of taking a break from the mod, I've started working on it again (although, the break really consisted of only mapping...) .
Well, now there are many more guns in the game than I planned, at least five primary weapons (assult rifles, SMGs etc.), a shotgun, rocket launcher, 2 pistols, a sniper rifle and MG4 (German LMG). They are not fully functional yet, but they basically work (for npcs).
In terms of story, it's going really well. There's roughly 30 pages of stuff I've written so far, about 20 - 30 minutes of gameplay (WOW! Thats, like the entire MINERVA). I will (maybe) put those pages as screenshots today and put it as a downloadable .docx file soon, as it's hand written.
However, I might soon be looking for people who want to help on the mod. I can do textures and maps myself, but I really need help with coding, models (I can do them but I need more people working on it), and music/sound.
Anyway, I am working on the first map now. It likely will be remade, but it's good to start planning.
Soon there should be enough content for me to start to post gameplay videos of the mod. At the moment it's too incomplete, and it looks very weird. (missing animations are common)
Soon I will also need voice acting. At the moment most of the dialogue is just text-to-voice stuff so I get the idea. If anyone reading this is interested, please PM me or post a comment here. Also go ahead and do that if you want to help with coding, mapping, modelling or anything really. All help is greatly appreciated.

I guess that is all for now, and remember to follow the mod if you like it.

-Valax321 (Lead Developer)

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