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Over at Operation Market Garden we have a huge Christmas update for you. Glimmer from honored us by doing his 100th shout cast of the year on our modification, Lolto, one of our many mappers, released a huge content update, our coders have worked themselves to the bone to release bug fixes, balance changes, a new website and other new features. We've detailed new systems that we will be unveiling within the next few months include Achievements and a competitive ladder. Check it out!

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An OMG Christmas

Glimmer's 100th Shoutcast of the Year
Gimmer has gone above and beyond the call of duty over at Gamestah and honored us by doing his 100th shoutcast of the year on Operation Market Garden! You can check it here. To view other Operation Market Garden shoutcasts visit the associated OMG:Wiki article.

The Lolto Content Update Extravaganza

Lolto has put in a tremendous amount of work this month to bring you his update extravaganza. You can view images and leave feedback in this thread.

Map Updates

New Maps

Video Updates

Achievement System
We're working to add an achievement system onto the existing challenge system. Some reset at the end of the war and are attached to War Company statistics and others are tied to your account.

An OMG Trailer

Lolto made an OMG Trailer as well. You can view it here.

Operation Market Garden: Der Hexenkessel (The Witches Cauldron)

Der Hexenkessel is a role-playing campaign set up by Operation Market Garden community members. It adds a campaign map, combat event system, and allows the player to further immerse themselves in the modification. Der Hexenkessel's territory map will be updated every two days, and it is an opt in campaign meaning it will be an addition to OMG's game play. It will be played with fun company accounts without Victory Points, to keep players on an equal footing.

You can read about the War Map, Campaign Rules, Combat Events, Territories, and other systems on our associated OMG:Wiki page.

You can discuss the campaign, post your thoughts, and have a general discussion in this forum board. You can view Der Hexenkessel announcements in this forum thread. Finally, you can report campaign games in this board.

Ladder System Finalized
Ladder teams are called Battalions which are teams of three designated FUN companies(players). This ladder system is for 2v2 matches. The Battalion leader can name it and receive and send challenges. You can challenge and be challenged by anyone. The first ladder should run for
about one month. We are using an Elo ranking system.

Victory Points will be assigned on the week. Top ten Battalions will get achievement (medal) on the achievement page, which is attached to the company profile. When the ladder is over the achievement goes away.

You can read more about it on its associated OMG:Wiki article.

New Frontpage

Check it out here! Be sure to thank DJLee for making it, the new forum theme, and Khorney for the art that goes with it.

Vehicle Veterancy

Khorney has finished adding in vehicle veterancy. Marcus fixed emplacements and these changes are in as well.

Mod of the Year Awards

Please feel free to vote for us on our ModDB page. Logged in users votes account for more, so log in.

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