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What really happened to Knights of the Force 2.1? And our plans for the future.

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Shortly after KotF 2.1 released it's most recent update (April 3rd), I and a majority of the team left the mod over creative differences. This has sparked rumors and misinformation about KotF being dead, or that we're being petty.

Opinions are opinions, and you're allowed to have them.

The truth is that this split was inevitable. Regardless of which side either of us elected to take.

Near the end of 2019, Fire Phoenix informed the team that his activity would be severely limited due to him going to medical school. As I was his second in command, he entrusted the mod to my care.

Between us releasing compatibility for Jedi Outcast and the Fate of the Republic mission, Fire Phoenix expressed his irritation that I had added onto the menus and proceeded ti chew me out for it.

He then proceeded to assert his authority and threatened to never work on the menus again if we touched them.

A reasonable request, but also deadly.

While Phoenix's word was law, it also put the mod in jeopardy. His activity never changed, and progress on the mod ground to a halt.

Without his input, we weren't able to add new characters or create new missions. Tensions ran high on the team, other projects were either ignored or abandoned.

We attempted to shift focus back on the mod, and I asked Phoenix if we could release the duel of the Fates update early. In addition to that, as leader-on-duty, I elected to add in some small weapon sound changes.

Fire Phoenix then demanded we remove the update as the sounds were s**t, tensions reached a breaking point as we pointed out that he had weeks to point out his disappointment.

After proceeding to talk down on most members of the team, enough was enough, and the team left, citing that they wanted me as leader.

The transition has been difficult, while we're keeping the kotf mod on this page for now, our next upload will be drastically different.

Most content in KotF will be moved over to this mod, such as our missions, NPCs, and weapon changes.

We're looking forward to sharing this rebirthed mod with you.

And no amount of 1/10 ratings here on moddb will change anything, we still have our real fans on Discord.


Tbh. I do not blame you guys for leaving. I am happy he is in medical school studying to do what he loves. But if he is then he should have backed of the mod entirely and let you take over. Then none of this would have happened. I will b sticking around with you guys. I won't support a business that doesn't respect their workers. And same goes for mod developers. No different

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Linken233 Author

I appreciate your support, thank you

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