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The game is finally out on Steam and ! All the members of Octo Studio wish you a good time with the octopus.

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An Octonaut Odyssey is OUT on Steam and !

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"Let yourself go with the psychadelic poetry of An Octonaut Odyssey." Tracks Arte

"If Pink Floyd and Crang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle did acid together..." lostchild14000

"Yay, a space octopus! With– wait, what? He has amnesia? Oh bother. Poor thing. That’s going to be troublesome for his exploratory mission, in search of new worlds, and so on. Or in this case, already well-known worlds, since he’s limited to whatever is in the game. A game which, for all intents and purposes, looks rather trippy. I mean, really, an octopus in space, with amnesia no less, “quirky characters”, and… well, have you seen the trailer below? That’s one crazy universe; crazy and potentially awesome!" Wraithkal

"I'm amazed <3 Visuals effects are unbelivable..." Rémi Alves

"A marvel. An initiatory journey." Constance Henrot-Tardivier

"Beautiful images, a breathtaking soundtrack, a world like no other... but fuck it's not easy!" Eva Quéméré

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