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An Octave Higher is 50% off for Steam Summer Sale!

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An Octave Higher -50%

Dive into this magical world where every choice you make changes the story. This summer, you can grab An Octave Higher on sale in the Steam Summer Sale.

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* Indie Prize winner for Best Game Narrative at Casual Connect Asia 2015 *

Welcome to Overture – The leading city of a great empire that has discovered and uses magic in its daily life. Dive into this unique visual novel where you can explore the workings of this magical and fantastic city.

But in a world where magic defines your class, rumors of a revolution are stirring, and the city is uneasy.

Follow Elise, Franz and Frederic as they work towards their different goals, but they are all brought together by one aspect: A broken piano.

In Overture, everyone knows that healing magic can’t be used on inanimate objects. So when Elise extends her hands over the broken piano to try and fix it, the journey of faith, compassion, courage, willpower and intelligence thrusts everyone down an unexpected path.

Can they fix the piano? Will they reach their goal? And will they survive the hidden turmoil of the brewing revolution?

Open yourself to the world of Overture and explore the novel length story with 120,000 words and 6 different endings. However, we all know that there is only one true end.

“Because of the excellent writing and world building, An Octave Higher is not only enjoyable, but it creates a hunger for more.” – RPGFan (85/100)

“This visual novel is one that fans of fantasy stories should definitely give a try!” – Legion of One (8.0/10)

“Throwing all typical Japanese stereotypes out of the window, this was a refreshing experience.” – Visual Novel Tea Party (7.5/10)

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