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A quick overview of RTJP's progress so far, and a recap of last year's events over at TresCom.

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Hello, ModDB crowd! I'm going to post a quick background story of RTJP in order to get everyone up-to-speed on the mod's development up until this point.

First off, our modding team is composed of a small group of individuals: I am TheIdiot, project leader and founder, and have been doing most of the work on the project itself over the past four or five years. In addition, our team includes Draconisaurus, lead developer of Jurassic Park: Dark Secrets, a Trespasser mod released several years ago and now a lead member of RTJP; hppav, our local Jurassic Park loremaster and modeller; TheKritter71, who has assisted with story writing and some model importing; and last but not least, Road Warrior, who, although inactive, has provided us with some excellent modelling work for the Safari Lodge and other structures. Most of our development has gone on over at the TresCom Forums, which you can head on over to by clicking the "Official Page" link on the mod description - you'll find a good deal more screenshots and dev info over there, and that page will be updated regularly.

Now for a quick backstory! Return to Jurassic Park - A Trespasser Mod has been in development since around 2011, though the current and final iteration was only begun in the summer of 2014. The original idea centered around a BioSyn agent sent to Isla Nublar some time after the InGen Incident to recover Nedry's stolen embryos, taking place in a open-world environment and featuring many new ideas for the engine. The story eventually evolved into its current form, and in that time, my modding skills developed greatly. The mod was first made public in 2013 with a half-complete level, though it was eventually scrapped in favor of a 4x larger map - a world which will eventually become one of the largest Trespasser levels ever. This is the current version and will be the complete release in the future.

That said, here's what you can expect out of RTJP:

- A massive, open world, highly accurate map of Isla Nublar, featuring locations both seen previously and brand new to the Jurassic Park franchise.
- Fifteen + dinosaur species to encounter and battle, as well as, for the first time ever in Trespasser, human enemies!
- An interesting story line with actual objectives and different ways of completing tasks.
- Eat, drink and use medical supplies to heal yourself - be warned, these will be in short supply!
- Very limited ammunition and reload-able guns, as well as a weapon upgrade system.
- Film-accuracy to the maximum, including sounds and visuals. Locations from Jurassic Park: The Game by Telltale will also be included in detail.
- Infections, sickness and all the dangers of eating rotten food in addition to wild animal hunting for food - anything to stay alive!
And much more!

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the mod, and I can't wait to start showing off more of RTJP's progress as it comes along.

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