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A summary of what this new story-driven mod is all about.

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This is my first news post about this brand new mod. I will make it in FAQTHBAYBPWBE format. (Frequently asked questions that haven't been asked yet but probably would be eventually.)

How is this mod different from all of your other failed projects?
Well, I did make about half of it in 2-3 days so I think that's a pretty good sign.

What is it about?
This is a short story driven mod all about some stuff. (I will not elaborate for now because that would probably spoil everything.) It does sort of involve bits of the Half-Life and Portal universe. The player will do some walking, reading papers, performing some more or less fun puzzles, and wondering what the heck is going on. There is even some action involved, although the player will not be killing anything. The ending should be open to speculation. It should be maybe 30 minutes in length on average? I don't know, maybe more or less depending on how long you examine details. I honestly don't have any idea.

Why are you making this?
To test my slowly improving mapping skills, to have fun, to see what kind of things I can do in about a week of work, and stuff like that. It's mainly a personal thing. I'm putting as much quality into it as I can, and I want the players to have fun with it, but I can't promise miracles. If you expect nothing short of mind-blowing mapping with original soundtrack and other fancy stuff then you can just leave now. If you must see an example of what my mapping work looks like, see The Hole mod for Cry of Fear.

Did you steal stuff?
I know how sensitive people are to this subject around here, and certain elements of other mods did provide some inspiration for me. However, all non-HL2 assets were made entirely from scratch by me alone. Anything that looks like it was taken from the work of other modders, including textures, gameplay elements, character names, etc., is completely coincidental.

Do you need help?
This is a personal project like I said, but it would be nice to have text file translators. That is probably all I'll need.

As for other kinds of help, I lose motivation and get depressed easily. Verbal support/encouragement is helpful.

Do I need HL2 to play it?
No, you will need Source SDK Base 2007 installed. But since I use mostly basic entities, without any client binary, and since the SDK base resources are taken from HL2 it MIGHT work if you change the SteamAppId to HL2 (from 218 to 220). I haven't tested it yet though. It's probably best to stick with the SDK base if you can.

When is this coming?
When it's finished, but I don't want to work on this forever. It's supposed to be a small project, and any kind of motivation (including watchers) would convince me to get it finished. Near the end, with all the cleaning up and tweaking, is always the hardest part to get through. I'd say look out for it soon. If I somehow lose all motivation then I would expect it would be done sometime in June at the very latest. If this mod dies for some odd reason, which I really hope it won't because I hate when that happens, I will at least release what I made.

Can I offer suggestions?
Please yes, as long as it's not immature whining.

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