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Introducing the first 2 elemental cards of Cardheart.

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First time posting this game on IndieDB! Cardheart is a 2D platformer where you will use 4 elemental cards to take down enemies, defeat bosses, and explore a giant city filled with secrets.

These cards can also be combined - but more on that later. ;)

Today I'll be introducing the Fire and Water cards.

The Fire card utilizes fireballs in all of its attacks. Standing still will give you a bit of recoil when firing, but you can also fire them while running!


The aerial version will fire three at once, but you can use the recoil to boost you further and higher.


The Water card is a bit more unique, focusing more on movement than offensive power. On the ground, you can surf along the ground at high speed, and you'll deal damage if you crash into an enemy.


Using it in the air can jet you up really high, if you have enough jumping momentum!


Who's this? Well...I don't want to spoil too much!

Until next time,

- johzu

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