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The House of Da Vinci marks a whole new chapter in 3D puzzle adventure games. We’ve pushed the genre further than ever before - by adding a compelling storyline and stunning levels of authenticity that extend to every aspect of the game. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and raising something over £43.000 with more than 2.300 backers, we’re looking forward to the release date: late May 2017!

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So, what’s The House of Da Vinci about?

You are Da Vinci’s most promising apprentice. Your master, Leonardo, has disappeared. You have no idea where he’s gone or what happened. So you begin your quest, your search for the truth. However, Leonardo's workshop is full of puzzles, inventions, mechanisms and hidden objects. You’ll need all your wits to find out what’s really going on!

As inventive as Leonardo himself

Each puzzle or mechanical riddle you encounter within the game is based on Da Vinci’s real inventions. Each is unique, just like the Master’s ideas.

The House of Da Vinci gameplay screenshot

Ah, the Florence of 1506!

The visuals and graphics have been inspired by renaissance Florence, with many locations based on original artworks.

The House of Da Vinci gameplay screenshot

Authentic atmosphere

Storyline, visuals and custom-designed music all engulf you and take you on a journey through time. You have the power to control time itself and learn the secrets hidden in the past.

The House of Da Vinci gameplay screenshot

Experience across all platforms

Meticulous development made it possible for us to deliver the ultimate gaming experience across iOS and Android for PC/MAC and mobiles. With iOS we're able to detect the player's device and optimize the settings to guarantee a smooth playing experience even on older devices. We're using our own optimized shaders with Unity 3D.

Interested? Learn more about the game

The House of Da Vinci gameplay screenshot


This game looks and feels like The Room, is it inspired by that game? It is still an interesting looking puzzler

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