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Just a list of all we've gotten done in the mod at the moment.

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Just an update report of all weapons and current models we have in CoD:1914 as of 11/12/2017. Please note this mod is a work in progress and will be updated.


  • Mch2207cZ- textures/porting/SW1917, Springfield M1903, Nagant M1895 models
  • Marcomix- Mannlicher model
  • Triby- Mauser M1893, Mauser C96 models
  • Black Smith mod- Maxim Gun
  • Call of Duty: World at War- Arisaka model
  • Melfius- Skins and models
  • War1939- Skins
  • Battlefield 1- Austrian Berdorfer and French Adrian helmets
  • Nieznanywydawca- Loading Screens
  • Verdun- Lebel M1886 model
  • Djole22lt- Maps


-Early Austro-Hungarian Soldier- skin by Melfius1, ported by War1939



-Austro-Hungarian Berndorfer M.16 Stahlhelm- File from Battlefield 1/Ported by Mch2207Cz

-German Uniforms- Skins by Melfius1/Ported by Mch2207cZ

-American Expeditionary Force- Skin by War1939

WW1 Russian Uniform WiP - Skin by Melfius


-French Army- Ported by Mch2207cZ/Skin by Melfius1

-WiP French Officer skin- Melfius


-Fusile Modelle 1886/M93 "Lebel"- Model from Verdun/Ported by Mch2207cZ

shot0030 2

-Lebel with "Rosalie" bayonet (includes special bayonet attack)- Model from Verdun/Ported by Mch2207cZ

shot0111 1

-SMLE No.1 MK3- Ported from Earlier Warfare skin pack

-Gewehr 98- Ported from Triby's Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 Mod


-Mauser 1903 Ottoman- Ported from Triby's Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 mod

-Springfield M1903A1- By MCh2207Cz


-Mannlicher M1895 Rifle (Dutch version)- By Marcomix, ported by MCh2207Cz


-Type 38 Arisaka- Ported from Call of Duty WaW files in Triby's Spanish Civil War mod


-Nagant M1895- Ported by Deathblade100 from Mch2207Cz's Back2Fronts mod

-Smith & Wesson No.3 .44 Russian Schofield- Retextured Webley Mk.VI by Deathblade100

-Smith and Wesson M1917 Revolver- Ported by Deathblade100 from Mch2207cZ' Back2Fronts mod

-Webley Mk.VI Revolver- Call of Duty 2

MkVI Webley

-FN Model 1903- Retextured TT30 model by Deathblade100

-Mauser C96 placeholder- Ported from Triby's Spanish Civil War Mod

Machine Guns:

-Maxim Gun- Ported by Deathblade100 from the Black Smith mod


-Sarajevo Latin Bridge- Djole22lt

-Loading Screens- Nieznanywydawca

Well have a very nice Christmas break. As you can see, we've gotten a lot of stuff done in this year alone. Enjoy and we'll catch you around. Cheers, Deathblade.


I heavily enhanced the mannlicher (both model and texture-wise) since when I gave you this model. I can give ypu the updated one if you want

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Deathblade100 Author

If you can that'd be great.

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All so good.
I wish I can make a map for you someday.

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Deathblade100 Author

Remember, that offer I gave you is still open.

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very nice :) i love the early austrian soldier's uniform

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Thanks from all the team

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The Type 38 model you used is actually Type 99, and we don't call it Meiji Type 38 although it was the year that adopted by the IJA. 三八式歩兵銃 should just name as Type 38 rifle or another more common name as Arisaka Type 38 since it's belongs to a family of bolt action rifle "有坂銃".

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Deathblade100 Author

I know. This mod is a Work in Progress so don't worry a lot of the names will be changed in the full release.

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