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A new Annoucnment and a major update on the gorhlok.

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Hey Dorideka here to bring you some good news. I am announcing a Mini-mod of revolutions. It will focus on adding new material to existing sins such as new planet types, Improved effects, and some other stuff. Mainly it will focus on new planets. This is because of my disappointment with existing planets in sins there are not enough, so i am taking all the planets from Solar sins several of my own made stellar stuff such as blackholes and what not. Also it will include manShooters Volumetric Explosions and Effects with a touch of my own mixed in. Expect this mod and possibly more quite soon.

Now on the subject of the gorhlok i give you a progress report from the Gorhloks creator Worm KId.

Wormkid wrote: If anyone is wondering why it's been taking so long for me to make Gorhlok vessels,it's because I'm sparing no detail.I want to keep with the Gorhlok theme of asymmetrical,cylindrical ships named with disease-related words,and bristling with lots of tentacles.The tentcles look blocky right now,but that will delt with when we begin texturing,which will be after all the models are finished.
The Gorhlok super-weapon,the Epidemic Orbital Cannon, took a long time to build-and I'm working on its power now,to be sure sins can run it-but I'm working on their colony frigate at the same time,which,if all goes well,will be more simple.
As to the Gorhlok effects,Droideka has created the phase-jump powerup effect for the Gorhlok,and it looks awesome.He's working on the weapon effect for the infection beam.This is one of the Gorhlok's most important special abilities,enabling them to infect and steal enemy ships.They don't get that ships special powers,just the ship.Handy when fighting Kodiaks or Marzas.That's about it.Keep checking back,because progress is being made,and a new effects video is gonna be up soon.

Thats all for now. Another Effect video will be up very soon.

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