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We are planning to release FiH with support to multiple languages, but we need YOUR help!

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Hi ModDB and IndieDB watchers,

This year we'll be focusing on the script more than everything. To finish all the lines and send it to the voice actors. But a few days ago, we've received a message from Nikita Malev, asking us to translate the game to Russian. We think that this is a wonderful idea and we want to do this with our game! So we've decided to write this article to ask you to be in our team as a Russian Voice Actor!

We're looking for:
An old deep & strong male voice to be the Torturer a.k.a The main antagonist of the game. (The Torturer is a playable character)
A young female voice to act as Sofia Wolfinger, the daughter of the main protagonist. (Sofia is a playable character)
A deep female voice to act as Natalia Wolfinger, the main protagonist's wife.
A hoarsely male voice to be Daryon Wolfinger, the main protagonist.

YOU CAN APPLY FOR THESE LANGUAGES: PORTUGUESE AND RUSSIAN (the game will come with everything in English, so it's not really necessary to apply for this language FOR NOW)

We might be asking for additional voices really soon! Everyone will have the opportunity to participate, but some rules must be known before applying.

0) You must speak Russian/Portuguese fluently.

1) You must know that, if you've been accepted to work with us, you must spend your time to achieve perfection in your voices! Following all the instructions that we'll send to you! We do not want to get everything quickly. We want perfection!

2) You will not receive any payment. Your rights as a voice actor includes:
- Early Access to the game
- Your name in the Final Credits
- The Full Script with all the lines of all the characters (including yours)

3) You must have all the qualities described above before applying to your character of choice. You must have the benefits that we want! A decent microphone and recording software is obligatory.

4) After choosing a character and been accepted by our team, you can't change it anymore. If you have applied to act as the torturer for example, but we thought that your voice fits well to act as Daryon, we will inform you by e-mail. If you agree, we'll arrange everything for you to get start immediately.

5) You can't use our script for anything except to do the voice acting. If we see our stuff (locations, completed dialogues/scenes) in another custom story or in a game, we'll be removing the multiple language support in the next day, without advice.


Nikita Malev will be translating and writing the Russian Script. I will be writing the Portuguese Script. If you have any doubt or want do inform us anything, feel free to message us or to comment in this article!

After the release of Amnesia: Fear in Hands, we'll be providing more languages supports. If you want to share your idea with us about what language to choose, just tell us! We're waiting for you! ;D

Blaster Lizard Gaming Team.

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