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Vote on your ammo ideas. either a bar or a decal sprite showing the number depending on hw many shots.

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New ideas about ammo. Their are 2 ways i can make ammo in game maker.
1. i can set global_ammo to whichever number of ammo and check if can_shoot is true. the one problem is a way to display ammo is difficult.

2. make ammo a health bar and make it so when its empty it plays the reload animation and checks if can_shoot is true. this way is easier and frees up sace to make the code cleaner and less.

So i would like the fans( if any exist) to vote on which way to make ammo. pretty much it gets down to either do you want an ammo bar or a decal that changes its sprite number depending on how many shots were fired.



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Option 3! Just give up and archive this piece of **** if you can't even decide how to display your player's ammo count.

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