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Hi guys. We're officially expanding. We're urgently looking for character modeler and animator.

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Hey guys and gals.

We're officially expanding and is looking for talented and passionate developers to join us in finishing the Project Combine prototype.

read the full post at epic forums and drop us an e-mail if you got any inquiries.
(jeremy.choo -at-

Official Recruitment Post


Q: Who are the people behind Ammobox Studios?

A: Project Combine is a grant-funded project consists of core team that started in Malaysia.
We currently have teams all over the world.

Q: Is this a paid/ unpaid position?

A: The funds we acquire for this project is a small incentive grant used to purchase hardware/software and to kick start our development. Until we get our next round of targeted funding, it is unpaid.

Q: So what can I get out of participating?

A: Apart from gaining experience , portfolio and having a chance to work with some of the most amazing people in the world ( <-- self proclaimed statement), there is a chance that you will eventually get paid positions soon. We're currently pushing hard to finish our prototype to apply for further funding for the same grant and/or pitch to investors. Once we secure further funding, we will go into full development. The current team that we've worked with together will be given priority to be recruited either as fulltime/partime or freelance basis. But at this point we cannot guarantee anything.

Q: How Good do I have to be to join you guys?

A: As much as it is an unpaid work , please understand that not every free work is use-able work. At the same time we don't want to be un-appreciative snobs. Anyway , it's very simple to judge your work, do you foresee your work use-able in a finished indie game? If you're not exactly sure, just drop me an e-mail. We all require someone who can put in at the minimum 10 hours per week of their time. The reason for all this is we want a team who can independently produce wholesome resource for the game.

Q: I'm interested !!!! what do i do?

A: Drop us an e-mail at (jeremy.choo -at- explaining about what you do , and links to some of your previous work.

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