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Ambre Remake is finally out and available for free ! As promised, Ambre has now a new title screen, enhanced backgrounds, some animated bits and some new tracks.

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As promised earlier, Ambre has now a new title screen, enhanced backgrounds, some animated bits and some new tracks.

For those of you who didn’t play the old version, please give this one a try ! It’s available for free but if you enjoyed it, please consider supporting the team for future releases =)


Pretty good story and ideas. I was really worried for most of the game but then the 'twist' came in and just made me more intrigued to see what was going to happen next. The ending was sort of lackluster in my opinion, was decent but I think it could of been worked in a bit earlier on in the game and to have a different ending, as it seemed sort of like a extra bit of information just added onto the end where the game should of been wrapped up rather than seeming to be continuing on. But other than that really good work, looking forward to future stuff.

PS: God damn the writer knows how to make you think bad things are happening.

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Helianthus Author

Hello, writer here !

I admit I wanted to make at least one different ending at first but I couldn’t really add much to the relationship between Tristan and his wife because it’s already so broken and static in the first place, you can’t change the outcome without changing the whole situation. Since I already cheated a bit to create the « introduction », the logic choice was to just let the curtain fall.
In order to write an alternate ending, I think I would have needed to change the game into some kind of « dating sim » where Tristan could have acted differently. And with a short deadline like the one we had for the game jam (besides the artists were busy or sick), it was just impossible. But maybe one day, I’ll go back over Tristan and Ambre’s story ^^.

Thank you for taking time to try our little game =) !

And sorry for not replying earlier, we were trying our hands at doing Ludum Dare for the first time so we were really busy and tired XD.

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