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Amazons: Total War mod, the revolutionary mod for Rome:Total War has just just added the latest release with numerous enhancements and improvements.

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New release for Amazons: Total War is out.

Amazons: Total War 7.0 is being made even better with numerous changes since the initial release.

The newest 7.0C still retains the baseline features which makes the mod popular.

Amazons: Total War - Recalesced

Amazons: Total War - Recalesced

Amazons: Total War - Recalesced

The mod allowing the player to explore ancient battlefields utilizing modern military concepts.

  • Mobility and Stand-off Weapon capability using many women cavalry units.
  • Deploying Area Denial "Minefield" using field engineering units.
  • Long Range Mobile Artillery, allows fire barrage, fire support, and counter-battery operations
  • Wagon Warfare to allow German Panzer like armor tactics.
  • Guerrilla Warfare, allowing agents to infiltrate into enemy territory to raise army deep behind enemy line.
  • Linked Armor-Clad Cavalry which was the dominating cavalry formation in Eurasia for centuries. First time on any video game.
  • Terrifying Super-heating Incendiary weapons known as Thermite Munitions.

Other Features

  • Greatly extended campaign map, now including Eurasia and Northern India.
  • Quest based game playing. Player must fulfill faction specific mission to advance to certain cultural level.
  • Breath taking scenery using custom and optimized RS II battle environment.
  • Because ancient horses are mostly 12 hands tall (48 inches, or 120cm), this mod allows a great deal of women equestrian units to fully explore mobility issue on the battlefield.
  • Balanced Unit Modeling (or. B.U.M.):Unit's recruitment infrastructure, cost, appearance, and capability must have direct relationship.
  • 4 turns per year (since release 5.0)
  • Extended naval fleet movement range to be more realistic and allowed for easier amphibious operations.

7.0C enhances the realism even more, new specification states that swords are much more costly to manufacture than many close quarter combat weapons, for light and low-cost units, if swords are their secondary weapon, they must be replaced with something more representative of their cost-performance relationship (according the Balance Unit Modeling , aka the B.U.M. principles)

  • New animations for 2handed ax units
  • New animations for halberd units
  • New animations for Amazon Dispatcher Corp, now using short halberd instead of sword
  • New animations for Amazon Brigandine Archers, now using short halberd instead of sword
  • New animations for Macedon Geothe Mercenaries
  • New animations for rebel Amazon archer units.
  • New EDU stat for new units to reflect the changes.
  • New Amazonia, Libya, and Thyssa general's units
  • New Amazonia strat map captain animation.
  • New Geothe strat map captain animation, to correct a weird problem with default texture file, uncovered by Katsoro.
  • New heavy standard bearer animation, with female soldiers instead of male.
  • New light standard bearer, now with druidress or Camilla priestess.
  • New Amazon priestess and colour guard animation
  • New Amazon Militia Hoplite animation, instead of spear and sword , now with lengthened pike (18ft).
  • New Amazon Round Shield foot units, now with shield slightly enlarged, and armed with short ranseur style pike, instead of spear and sword.
  • New Amazon Round Shield cavalry units, same as the Round Shield foot units.
  • Reduced poly counts on complex animation models by 22%, without any loss of resolutions or visual appearance.
  • Complete re-work on Amazon Pathfinder animation.
  • Minor change on Amazon Xiphos Cohorts animation.
  • After three years, finally added mano-ballista animation for advanced units.

For the 7.0B release, numerous improvement have been made to make the mod even more playable, entertaining, and challenging.

  • Improved Quests
  • New Longbow Archer Textures.
  • New Roundshield Plumbatarii Textures.
  • New Companion Archer Textures,.
  • New Xihphos Cohort Textures.
  • New Leoni's Cultural Specific User Interface with customization by Celestial Shuttle Buddy
  • Renamed Gaul to Arverni, plus numerous other text changes.
  • Now AI confers title to Amazon Generals when the quest is accomplished
  • Change many animation to be more realistic.
  • Revised Amazon long shield design.
  • Using more efficient animation format to allow less file footprint and memory + speed improvement.
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