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20,000th download for Amazons Total War 7.0 mods, the most revolutionary Rome Total War modification to date.

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T'is with great pleasure we would like to announce the 20,000th download today for Amazons Total War 7.0 series.Since its first release on January 7th, the mod team has anticipated Amazon Total War 7.0 to be better received. But the result has surpassed the best estimate.By comparison, the previous release, the 6.0 series, had its 10,000th download 8-9 months into the publication. The 7.0 has doubled that number in just a few months.Besides the terrific support of the fans and a first rate mod team, we would also like to thank the sponsoring website for the tremendous assistance in making this happen.

For 18+ players only, Amazons Total War is a modification of the Rome Total War. It is the most revolutionary mod based on that game engine, with unique features like

- Mobility and Stand-off Weapon capability using women cavalry.- Area Denial "Minefield,a first on RTW mods.
- Long Range Mobile Artillery.
- Wagon Warfare to allow German Panzer like armor combat.
Guerrilla Warfare, allowing agents to infiltrate into enemy territory to raise army deep behind enemy line.
- Linked Armor-Clad Cavalry which was the dominating cavalry formation in Eurasia for centuries.
First time ever on any video game.
- Terrifying Super-heating Incendiary weapons, or
the Thermite munition in the modern military parlance.
- New faction based on the latest archaeological research.

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