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The last of the Amazon: Total War 6.0 series is finally here.

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Here is a short video posted on YouTube about the 6.0K release made by naxzull666,
TW Center's Content Staff...

Content might contain violence and battle sequence nudity. 18+ age is recommended to view.

Outline of the changes in 6.0K are.

  1. new Libyan Amazon Chariot unit
  2. new Libyan Pathfinder units.
  3. new and re-balanced rebel units.
  4. new Britons Amazon Chariot units
  5. corrected Roman Amazon Auxilia CTD.
  6. corrected crashes reported in 6.0J
  7. re-sync'ed Latin quotes.
  8. render text description (other than Greco-Roman sources) to be gender neutral. Thanks to Siberian Wolf's report.
  9. adjusted recruiting cost for many units.
  10. applied the BUM (Balanced Unit Modeling) changes to Celtic and Gaul.

Once again, 6.0 series mod is a very dramatic departure from the Rome: Total War mod.

Amazons Total War, and its 6.0 release series Amazon:Total War - Reignited is not about the Greco-Roman -centric story line of so many Rome:Total War (RTW) based mods. But rather, it attempts to cover a missing piece of puzzle in the history using anthropological theories advanced by the development team of the Amazons Total War, led by Parthian Shot. The Amazons Total War mods are tributes to the matriarchal society in the ancient world.

The mods also feature

1. A unique "Quest" based game play, where the Amazons factions and neo-Amazon factions are supposed to be looking to recover the long-lost Amazon Stelae which has communication code and technology cipher. Once these stelae are recovered, the faction who owns the resulting knowledge can "Summon" other Amazon factions (and thereby destroy that faction), and at the same time able to recruit highly advanced combat units.

2. Allows an Amazon Diplomat of a faction to raise her own faction's army behind the enemy line. In theory, this is possible because there are Amazon communities in the enemy territory sympathetic to other Amazon faction's cause. And able to rise up when two factions are at war. While this might seem a great way to open up a second "front", the truth is, the "guerilla" army raised may not be strong enough to stand on its own, so the ability to escape and evasion (E&E in military parlance) is also important to allow the player to ex-filtrate the player's own small force to a safe location.

3. Balanced Unit Modeling Principles (aka Parthian's Laws). This concept requires the unit's texture to maintain direct relationship to the cost as well as the infrastructure of the region the unit is raised. If on the battlefield view, one hundred warriors are shown to all wear full suits of armor, then its cost and where the unit is recruited must be justified. Case in point, in so many other mods, the unit texture shows full chain mail armor, but it is hailed from a region with only one smithy shop. Well, the B.U.M. principles say it can not be done. As even by 450AD, some seven hundren years later, a full chain mail suit takes 10,000 man-hours to finish and costs a fortune. So in Amazons TW mod, units like that must be re-skinned.

4. Special Weapons
The central theme of this mod, which is advanced by the author, is that most ancient horses are only 12 hands tall (48 inches, or 120cm). This facet makes women superior cavalry soldiers than men. Therefore, the premise of this mod is about how a small but highly mobile women force with stand-off weapon capability can defeat a very large field army. Therefore, there is a plethora of new stand-off weapons being added to the game. Please browse for featured article about the weapons of Amazons Total War.

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