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Second Map Shared, It need some work angain, but there enough stuff to enjoy it.

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So Guys.
This is I think, my oldest Map.
I work on it since three or four years, and it is never finished, again today I need to work on it.

There's some indications you need to know.

First, i locked the command point to 700, cause if you want play with 4 players you can't have to lot of units, because the game will crashed, and even with 700 CP, there is some risks the game crash.

Secondly, I have some skeletons invasion... Yes I know it's wierd but, you will see by yourself.

And finally, i make recent updates on this map, so don't worry if there is a problem.

So, I hope you will enjoy it!

And again, if you see some mistakes... Tell me! ;) (There's a lots in this map. XD)



-Immortal Lands.

-Mordor Entrance.

-Dwarves camp.

-Utumno: (Yes I know, i gonna work on it...)


-Angband. (I don't really know how to do Angband. So it is like that for the moment. But not for long, i will make something funnier to play.)

-Rohan. I don't have enough place to do something cool... I must sacrify some Lands.

-Gondor. Not perfect too, and it have a straight access to Mordor.

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