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First look at new ritual altar and new promo T-shirts for kickstarter

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An important element and final checkmate for defeating enemy priests is casting them to the Tempests as an offering.

In the old Netstorm, the original altar had a unique design with sweeping wing-like pillars that a captured enemy high priest was chained to. We wanted the new design for the altar in DOTS to have a similar feel while still being our own unique design.

Looking at the altar, we found it very spartan-like but functional in shape, used for a single purpose with no need for extra fluff. Like Stone Henge, our alter has a permanence in material, lasting forever as it was carved from stone.

In shaping the new altar, we wanted to carry over the circular nature through the use of rings. The main outer ring on the perimeter has ritual stones and basin that will light with a colored flame on completion of each chant by the priest.

The inner ring platform is a smaller, suspended by chains and has rope bridges at level-1. Inside the inner ring is a third ring inset into the floor where the enemy priest is chained. Once ritual starts the ring levitates into an upright, hovering position.

Once all rituals are completed a vortex of white flame erupts from below, burning away the chains and the rope bridges letting the inner platform and hovering ring fall away into the flames.

While the design is basic it still allows expansion for levels 1 - 4 of upgraded alters.

Through the use of the central, levitating, ring where the enemy priest is chained, it gives a hint that the ring is like a dimensional portal where a priest's spirit is sent to the realm of the Tempests.

Status on kickstarter / Promo T-Shirts

Disciples Of The Storm is a unique RTS fantasy reboot kickstarter that is a spiritual successor of the Netstorm Islands at war gameplay but under a new world and IP. Our kickstarter is currently at 8% of goal with $4,191 in backing as team is pushing to reach our funding goal.

With a pledge of $10 - $20 or more can help push us to our goal and first release on steam, help back today.. We also have cool T-shirts for backers.

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