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As I am improving with GameMaker: Studio, One Night with Chica is coming faster than I am expecting!

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Everyday I learn something new and improve with GameMaker: Studio, which makes me create the game faster and faster. I'd say that I'm already half way done making One Night with Chica! All the rooms are done, all the sounds are in good place and volume. All I have left to do is the easter eggs, the death screen, the Office chances, the clock, eyeless Bonnie and some new features that I never had planned in One Night with Bonnie. There are some new features I plan to add including hallucinations, where during the game at one point, you'll find a ? button and it activates the hallucinations from FNaF 1. Another planned feature is Power, but that'll be more hard with the Time mechanic, so I can't promise it will be in the full game, but let's see how things turn out if the game passes the "Awaiting Authorization" stage.


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