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After more than a year from the original release, the new and better-than-ever Aplha X has been released

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After all this time, we did it.
The Alpha X is re-creation of 90% of the whole game
New features:
-Re-created 3D models with much higher quality
-Re-programmed 90% of the game
-Weapon animations (now it doesn't fell like having it stuck on yourself)
-Zombie Survival
-Experience system
-Removed features that were't working properly
Most notably, the multiplayer was removed from the game.
As i said, the whole game was re-created and mutiplayer is still not ready.

We started making this game a year ago, it all started as a plain idea.
We had no experience with game making, before so the beginnings were hard for us. We made a milestone, when we made the Editor work and created some parts for it. Then we moved on to make the actual in-game thing. We done it, released the current state as Alpha 1. Then we moved on to the mutiplayer which was also released, but never really worked properly. We realized, that it may be too big thing for us to make, and eventually we scrapped it. And moved on... Me as a the programmer learned some things about Unity, 3D and modeling. After a long time i came up with the idea: "Let's work again on the game". However, so far, I'm the only one working on the game again.
After realizing, how chaotic and bad was the original programming, i decided to re-program almost the whole game. I also re-modeled all the parts and a few more. After all this, i still wasn't happy with the game, so i added many basic things, that the game lacked before, including animations, and in-game help. When i was happy with the state of the game, and almost after a day full of testing, here it is, the Alpha X. (X because calling it just Alpha 4 was inappropriate to the fact that it is now all different game, just with the same idea.)

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