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The latest mod release which contains only a few major new changes.

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After struggling a bit with the coding, I only managed to get the possible changes working into C&C3. I did not get the Ion Storm and Shock Swarm support powers in time for this release because of technical coding issues. Also there are no epic units in this version even when the tier 4 structures are present at this time.

So here's alpha version 0.4, only with a few major changes added into the mod.


Changes in Alpha 0.4:
- Added tier 4 structures from KW: Reclamation Hub, Redeemer Engineering Facility, Warp Chasm. Costs and values remain.
- Added some new structures: GDI Tiberium Field (cost 4000/30, tier 4, limit 3), Nod Bunker (cost 500/5, tier 1), Nod Turret (cost 1000/10, tier 2, consumes 6 power), Scrin Lightning Spike (1000/10, tier 2, consumes 6 power)
- Added EMP cannon support power for GDI: cost nothing and cooldown is same as EMP control center, requires Space Command Uplink. This is more like of a minor superweapon since it takes some time to charge. You cannot use it at once when the Space Command Uplink is built.
- Dig-In bunker can now garrison up to three infantry. Zone Troopers and all Scrin infantry can now garrison the Dig-In bunkers as well as the Nod Bunker.
- Money crates when picked up gains 2000 credits. Collecting too many money crates at the same time decreases the amount.
- Some units can now move backwards without issues and can attack in reverse move when they are supposed to be: APC, Pitbull, Seeker, Gun Walker, Devourer Tank.
- New crate spawn surprises: APC/Pitbull/Predator Tank for the GDI, Scorpion Tank/Raider Buggy/Attack Bike for the NOD, and Devourer Tank/Seeker Tank/Gun Walker for the Scrin.
- Temporarily made GDI Behemoth, GDI Zone Shatterer, NOD Purifier and Alien Reaper Tripod as tier 4 units.
- Action tracks music are to be played when 1000 units are attacking or are attacked, rather than just several units. For this reason, the ingame tracks are continuous without changing to the action tracks while attacking.

- Edited some INI changes:
1. New faction added, Trio Alliance, which contains GDI, NOD & Scrin allied together and they will start with an MCV for each faction together. This is very well used as a last resort if you are stuck in tough matches especially at brutal mode.
2. When a Scrin faction wins a mission or skirmish, victory score is used as CNC3_SUCCESS_EVIL_V1 instead of CNC3_SUCCESS_EVIL.
3. All factions start with a MCV. The AI does know on deploying its own MCV during skirmish mode but however it cannot deploy its MCV if it's a custom faction.
4. The FPS limit to all maps are doubled to 60 from 30. Attempting to make the FPS limit infinite or set the option of FPS limit to disabled might cause issues to the game itself.
5. Fog of War re-occurs after viewing the area for 20 seconds.
6. MaxLineBuildObjects is limited to 8 meaning you can only place 8 wall segments at one time.
7. Disabled EA logo movie at the start of C&C3 program.

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