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After some technical issues with the page, we were finally able to upload the latest version of the mod on ModDB. Check the article to see what has been changed and join the Clone Wars again!

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After some technical issues with the page, we were finally able to upload the latest version of the mod on ModDB. Maybe you have already download the mod on Discord, but this version contains a hotfix to a couple of bugs and glitches, so you better download it!

In the Alpha 1.5 all the classical BF2 maps will be available to play and two game modes are currently playable: "Late Seasons", conquest mode with Phase 2 clones and late seasons heroes (3-6) and "Early Seasons", conquest mode with Phase 1 clones (still in the work, so don't expect much content). A surprise will be included in the Attack on Venator map and some of you will be very pleased to hear it.

New heroes, animations, models and vehicles have been implemented and the project is closer and closer to his final look! Some requested stat changes have been made as well and some nerfs, too. You find every info about the changes below.


Take some time to vote this project as best mod of the year if you liked it!


Author: i2Bros

Co-developer: Delta327, _Fan, S1thKenny

Alpha Testers: John Pineda, evill01, iBisho, LukeLovesCandy, GSLOMG, Itshadez, Cyberctf346, J Jonah Jameson, Wolffe, SKILLERINOS


*Those credits may be incomplete and lacking many information. Full credits will be available on final release.

We wish to say thanks to:

- BFX's development team for many assets, including Deployable Turrets, Thermal Detonators visual effects and MagnaGuards.

- Master Luke for his Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon animation.

- Suerteto for his Wolfpack skins and many vehicle assets

- CommanderAwesome for Doom Unit 1.0 skin, which I have later improved and refined.

- Cpt. Fox for Clone Marksman Visor skin.

- Anakin for his Z95 Headhunter assets

- Sereja for his Naboo Pistol model.

- LitFam for DC-15c, RPS-6 Rocket Launcher, EMP Grenade sound effects and for Padmè Amidala animation and akimbo pistols animation.

- Sereja for Umbara: Shadow Forest map luas and assets.

- El_fabricio for Coruscant: Modern Warfare map luas.

- DEVISS for many CWA assets, for the basic Clone trooper skin, for ARF Trooper skin, for some Seargent Hound 1.0 parts, for revamped LAAT gunship, for "PreVizla" animation and Mandalorian Sniper Rifle skin.

- "Unknown user" for DP-23 Shotgun, DC-17 Pistol, DC-17 Double Pistols.

- Many fellow modders and users from Gametoast and SWBFgamers community for help, advice and assets finding. In particular we want to thank Led, Ginev, Sereja and DEVISS for their precious help.

All rights reserved to Lucasarts and Panademic.

Download Alpha 1.5 Version 1.2 (+ Hotfix ) - Mod DB



- Coruscant,

- Dagobah,

- Death Star,

- Endor,

- Geonosis

- Hoth,

- Kamino,

- Kashyyyk

- Jabba's Palace,

- Mos Eisley,

- Mustafar

- Mygeeto

- Naboo,

- Polis Massa,

- Tantive IV,

- Yavin,

- Attack on Venator,

- Umbara: Shadow Forest,

- Coruscant: Modern Warfare

- Space Kashyyyk




- Conquest (Late seasons)

- Early seasons


- All vanilla maps updated

- New heroes: Dooku, Asaij Ventress

- Gunner animation fixed

- Dual Pistols animation fixed

- New vehicle skins

- New Space Battles class added: Clone Jet Trooper (Marine)

- New B2 Super Battle Droid model, new MagnaGuard model, new Commando Droid model, new AAT Driver model added.

- Updated animations for Commando Droid Melee Attack.

- New animations for B1 Battle Droids.

- Fixed Clone Medic's backpack skins.

- Fixed Doom Unit skin.

- Ahsoka Tano model improved. Ahsoka Tano animation improved

- Pong Krell now playable as a CIS hero instead of a GAR hero.

- New model for the AAT.

- Space Battles fully included.


- Unexpected CTD will occur "randomly" in Umbara: Shadow Forest, Coruscant: Jedi Temple and Coruscant: Modern Warfare

- Some users will experience a regular CTD every 5-10 minutes in Umbara: Shadow Forest.



If you are not in the Discord server of the mod yet, join now! Link here:

This is our YouTube Channel, don’t forget to subscribe:

Here you can give a look at some actual gameplay from the mod, featuring some talented Youtubers from our beloved SWBF community!


Here there are some amazing screenshots we collected from the community. If you want to send your screenshots of the mod as well, just check the Discord server and use the "screenshots" channel!

screenshot by SKILLERINOS

screenshot by jif14

screenshot by Soupyy_

screenshot by Soupyy_

screenshot by Soupyy_

screenshot by SavageGamerPlays


Hell yeah

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i2Bros Author

yes hell yeah!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello there,
I have an issue with your fantastic mod. Some units cause my screen to go black, dunno why but it happens every time. On Geonosis, for instance, the unit causing this problem is the flamethrower unit (can't remember the name, sorry)
Do you have any idea what to do?

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I'll add that this error occurres with Early Seasons

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
i2Bros Author

We will take note of this bug and run a proper testing session. Hope we find a solution.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

disable your overlay on discord

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Aw yee boi

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
i2Bros Author

here we go!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I’ve been really looking forward to playing this mod ever since I saw you beginning to work on the project, unfortunately when I set up the game on my new computer I have accidentally downloaded multiple versions of the 1.3 patch- would that affect my ability to play the game? Because I can’t seem to play the mod still.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
i2Bros Author

No it shouldn't. Join the discord the people there are amazing at helping with installations

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Really a mega mod and only thanks to this mod I play btf 2 It would be great if there was a campaign similar to episodes of clone wars

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

how to install mod?

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