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Forgotten Lands Online has been updated to its latest game version: Alpha 1.12!

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Alpha v1.12 Update || December 04, 2022

Forgotten Lands Online has been updated to its latest game version: Alpha 1.12!

What's changed in Alpha v1.12?

We have updated the game's engine to one of the latest releases! This introduced a lot of new features and game systems that will greatly improve the overall gameplay experience. Small but annoying game engine issues were fixed, such as item stacking issues. Private and shared instancing was introduced and you'll be able to experience that with the updates that were made to the Golden Monster Lairs. We also put forth a lot of effort to develop a more in-depth loot box system for a more fair reward system. There are lots of other changes that you'll have to check out for yourself. Even through all these game changes, we also recreated our website from scratch. The website is still a work in progress and we will be re-adding account management features as we redevelop them. We will see you in-game! Cheers!

Check these official patch notes on Discord:

Cursed Forest Update

Golden Skeleton Lair

Golden Lairs

~ Patch Notes ~

Ticket Boxes - Discontinued
Removed "Ticket Boxes" from Scepia...

- Ticket Box (bronze)
- Ticket Box (silver)
- VIP Ticket Box

Items - New

- Magic Hammer
- Vial (Empty)
- Vial (Bloody Sap)
- Power Potion
- Soul Potion
- [Bound] Recycler Tokens
- Loot Box (Lv1) ~ (Lv3)
- VIP Loot Box (Lv1) ~ (Lv3)
- Diamonds
- Recolor: Name (Cyan), (Pink), (Orange)
- Hero Potion

Items - Changes

- Updated the appearance of some equipment items.
- The way item levels are displayed on wing items has changed. "[Lv.1]" -> +1
- All weapons, off hand items, and wings had their stats adjusted.

Item rarities/colors changes...

- Common (white)
- Uncommon (green)
- Rare (purple)
- Epic (yellow)
- Legendary (orange)
- Mythic (red)

Some existing items were automatically converted into a new item...

- "Loot Ticket (Scepia)" -> [Bound] Loot Box (Lv1).
- "VIP Loot Ticket (Scepia)" -> [Bound] VIP Loot Box (Lv1).
- "Dark Giant's Box" -> Moraegisk's Loot Box

Combat - Changes

- HP and Mana now regenerate constantly during combat for both players and monsters.

Boss Monsters - Changes
Monster name changes...

- "Mother Drakii" -> [Boss] Drakii
- "Krojan" -> [Boss] Krojan
- "Dark Giant" -> [Boss] Moraegisk

Loot Boxes - Changes
Renewed existing loot boxes...

- Excellent Box (Lv1) ~ (Lv3)
- Perfect Box (Lv1) ~ (Lv3)
- Moraegisk's Loot Box
----> *Moraegisk's Loot Box no longer requires a Giant's Key to open it.

Celestial Forge - Changes

- You can now assemble and disassemble Stones via option "Stone Crafting."
- To disassemble Stones, you must have a Magic Hammer.
- There is a 3% chance to fail assembling Stones, destroying all ingredients.
- There is a 10% chance to fail disassembling Stones, destroying all ingredients.
- There is a 0% chance to fail when assembling/disassembling Celestial Stone.
- Removed Wing Upgrade option. (moved to NPC Blacksmith.)
- Added Tool Crafting option:
----> Metal Hammer
----> Metal Axe [3/3]
----> Metal Pickaxe [3/3]

NPC Stone Trader - Changes
If you don't wish to risk the chance of failure when assembling stones, you can simply trade your stone fragments with this NPC...

- Removed crafting options.
- Added item shop:
----> Metal Hammer (costs Zen x3,250)
----> Energy Stone (costs Energy Stone Fragments x25)
----> Creation Stone (costs Creation Stone Fragments x25)
----> Power Stone (costs Power Stone Fragments x56)
----> Soul Stone (costs Soul Stone Fragments x56)

NPC Recycler - Changes
The way items are exchanged at this NPC was changed into a simple item shop interface...

- Removed crafting options.
- Added item shop:
----> Loot Box (Lv1) (costs Recycler Tokens x2)
----> Loot Box (Lv2) (costs Recycler Tokens x5)
----> Loot Box (Lv3) (costs Recycler Tokens x12)
- When buying/selling items, the shop uses [Bound] Recycler Tokens as currency.
- Only certain rare items can be sold in the item shop.

NPC Blacksmith - Changes

- Wings are now upgraded via NPC Blacksmith.

Tool item prices increased...

- Metal Axe [3/3]: Zen x4,000 -> x6,000
- Metal Pickaxe [3/3]: Zen x9,000 -> x12,000

NPC Portal Worker - Changes

- Cursed Forest (costs Zen x1,000)
- Drakii (costs Zen x3,000)
- Krojan (costs Zen x4,000)
- Moraegisk (costs Zen x5,000)

NPC Daily Reward Manager - Changes

- Updated NPC name from Reward Manger -> Daily Reward Manger.
- Updated the daily reward schedule.

NPC Alchemist - New
Added a potion crafting system...

- Crafting list:
----> Vial (Empty)
----> Power Potion
----> Soul Potion

VIP Item Shop - New
A new premium item shop was added.

- Talk to NPC Monica to access the shop.
- When buying items, the shop uses Diamonds as currency.
- Diamonds can be obtained in-game from boss monster Loot Boxes.
- Diamonds can also be purchased with real money through the official game website.

Item Level Upgrades - Changes

- There is now a chance to fail crafting when upgrading items with high item level.
- If item level upgrade fails, there is additionally a small chance that all items used in the combination will be destroyed.
- Crafting failure rate and item destruction rates are displayed in the crafting windows.

Cursed Forest - Changes
The Cursed Forest was relocated to the forest in north-east Scepia...

- You'll no longer have to pay Zen to access the Cursed Forest.
- Added a fog effect to the Cursed Forest map.
- Removed the quest associated with the Cursed Forest, Tutorial: Cursed Forest.
- You can now enter the Cursed Forest after completing the Tutorial: Intro to Scepia quest.

Golden Lairs - Changes

- The Golden Bull Lair was removed from the game.
- Items sold in the Lair Token Shop were changed, and prices were mostly increased.

The Golden Monster Lairs have been renewed and now work differently...

- There are now certain tasks to complete in order to clear the lair.
- Monsters inside of lairs will only drop potions or task items.
- Golden monsters no longer drop any items.
- When you clear the lair (after killing the golden monster), you will be immediately removed from the instance and warped to a reward area where you can claim a reward from a chest.
- Golden Hound Lair and Golden Giant Lair now give x2 Golden Lair Token as reward for clearing the lair.

Quality of life improvements...

- Lairs are now personal instances which can be entered any time without limit.
- A lair will no longer close when another player enters it.
- You can now exit any Golden Lair at any time via the Exit.
- If you disconnect from the game, you can reenter the game and continue the Golden Lair instance.
- Added Golden Lair Merchant to the safe area, which offers Lair Token Shop and General Shop.

Website - Changes

- Created an entirely new website.
- Removed VIP Item Shop from the website.
- Removed account registration features, account management features, and login feature. (temporary)
- Removed the ability to purchase "Credits." (Will be replaced with ability to purchase Diamonds, a premium ingame currency.)

Other Changes

- Added more quick bar keys: [7] ~ [9] and [0].
- A handful of items can now be dropped on the ground or may drop on death.
- Most stackable items can be stored in the Magic Bag once again.
- Added the prefix "[Bound]" to items which are bound to the character/account.
- Stones can now be sold to NPC shops for Zen.
- Added some idea of Skill Levels to the harvesting system.
- Added an in-game guide to the "/exp" menu where players can check basic info about harvesting.
- The PVP Arena is temporarily closed for further development.
- Updated the appearance of several equipment items.

Bug Fixes

- All issues with stackable items should have been resolved.


- Because website Credits have been discontinued, any account that purchased Credits on the website will have had Diamonds added to their account ingame according to the amount of Credits the account purchased. They should appear on the highest level character's inventory (or check bank if inventory was full). Currency conversion rate is 1 Credit = 1 Diamond.

*the patch notes in this post were written Dec. 05. Check the official discord post for the latest and most up to date details.

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