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The first release of the mod. It is content complete but I cannot issue any guarantees regarding bugs or imperfections, so it is deemed an Alpha. The version counter will reset to 1.0.0 for Full Release versions.

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PSA: I've received reports of some of the AWARD Weapons not being disabled properly, so that's something I'll patch whenever I can get to the next version, but for now, I recommend users do one of the following:

1. If you have Anakin's Remaster installed, use Remaster settings to disabled AWARD weapons.
2. Create a new profile when playing on Post-Endor content that doesn't have AWARD weapons on it.

Back to the original description...

Finally, it is releasing. Something is, at least, before the Fall School semester here in the U.S. starts back up. So starting August 6th, 2020, this will be available for download:

Battlefront II: Expanded - The Post-Endor Era - Alpha v1.0.0

What was initially conceived as a mod to introduce X1's Remnant to Battlefront 2 using assets from FRD's cancelled game gradually evolved into a general post-Endor mod. Battlefront II: Expanded - The Post-Endor Era strives to provide an expansion to the base game with new models, vehicles, weapons, and maps representing the different factions of that time. I cannot stress enough, however, that there have been creative liberties taken to flesh out content using assets that already existed or were easily modified. This is for the sake of fun, and for gameplay.

With the eventual aim of covering as many factions and unique bits of content as possible, the initial release of Battlefront II: Expanded - The Post-Endor Era will feature four major factions:

  1. The New Republic
  2. X1's Remnant
  3. The Zsinj Dominion
  4. The Corporate Sector Authority

Additionally, a couple minor factions will be present on a select few maps and modes. These include the following:

  1. The Black Sun Crime Syndicate
  2. Mustafarian Mining Guild
  3. The Banking Clan
  4. Felucian Natives

The Post-Endor era will show up on available maps differently at this time depending on what factions are available for play. Presently, these are:

  • X1's War
  • Corporate Sector Conflict
  • The Hunt for Zsinj

Available/supported maps in the first release will include:

  • All stock land maps
  • Two space maps (select 1-Flag CTF for now, it is actually Assault. Did not change that before uploading)
  • Daermor: Kon-Dragos
  • Kashyyyk: Jedi Enclave (Calrissian97)
  • Mustafar: Laboratory (Calrissian97)
  • Chandrila (GTTeancum)
  • Saleucami (GTTeancum)
  • Tatooine Dune Sea (Marvel4)

Not everything in the first release will be what I want it to be or what it should be. There are more maps I want to support, more units and heroes to add, more factions, more of everything. There will be bugs, imperfections, and components in dire need of improvement or tweaking. However, I feel it is for the best that at the least some version of the mod is made available for play at this time, as I will have little time to work on it in coming months.

For more detailed information on the sides and their abilities in the mod, see the following articles:

X1's War:

Corporate Sector Conflict:

Minor Factions:




  1. Make sure you have the 1.3 patch or Anakin's Remaster already installed and are capable of running mods. I will not provide help with this.
  2. Download the Mod. You will get a file called BF2ExpandedPostEndor_Alpha_1.0.0.7z.
    Its SHA256 is: CAF3CC4E7FD2BEEB50E038F1762C9F1E9986F829F301C67775801D4863CDA720 in case you want to verify its integrity.
  3. You will need either 7-zip or another tool capable of extracting 7z files to open the archive.
    After opening, you will see six folders.
  4. Drag and drop zBF2ExpandedX1W and zBF2ExpandedUniverseCorpSec into your addon folder (Star Wars - Battlefront 2\GameData\addon).
    zBF2ExpandedX1W contains all X1's War content and Hunt modes and zBF2ExpandedUniverseCorpSec contains Corporate Sector and Zsinj content.
  5. Drag and drop the remaining four folders (SAL, MS1, KS3, and CHA) into your addon folder for Saleucami, Mustafar: Laboratory, Kashyyyk: Jedi Enclave, and Chandrila if you do not already have these excellent maps by Calrissian97 and Teancum installed.
  6. Start up the game and get to the battlefield!

1200px Symbol future class svg

Future Plans

Should I have the time to return to this in the future, I have many wishes for the development of the mod:

  • self-extracting installer
  • bugfixes, tweaks, model improvements, gameplay improvements
  • Support for all BF1 and XBOX DLC Conversions
  • New Custom Maps
  • Space for the Corporate Sector/Zsinj Era
  • Expanding the Black Sun
  • More Hunt Modes
  • Pentastar Alignment, Empire of the Hand, Zann Consortium
  • And many more

However, none of this is set in stone and is always subject to change.



This list is extensive, and because of that, I may have missed some people. Please, please, please, if you haven't been credited properly or you know someone who hasn't been credited properly, contact me and let me know so I can at least update the credits on the ModDB page, as well as the next release's readme.

bk2modder - Mod Creator

Pandemic, Free Radical, Petroglyph, Khrome Studios, DayBreak Games, SCE, Bioware, and LucasArts - Various Model and Texture Assets
Lucasfilm - Visual reference, sound effects
GameToast - The wonderful community's fantastic resources, assets, tutorials, and help!
psych0fred - Docs and Assets
tirpider - SchMEe
Sleepkiller - Shader Patch
CorraAshu, the_legend/el_fabricio, iamashaymin - BF3 Assets extraction and public releases
S1thK3nny - AAC-1, Black Sun CP, and Much assistance with model porting (rips, conversions, et cetera)

AceMasterMind - Reverse Lightsaber hilt
AceMasterMind, broken_hope, Alaris, MoneyKungFu, and TheFallenangel - Lightsaber hilts
Calrissian97 - Kashyyyk: Jedi Enclave and Mustafar: Laboratory ports
Calrissian97 and ANF Devs/Zero Studios (MissingTexture, LitFam, _Fan, Javitolo98) - First Order Assets such as the LIUV
CdtFox - Weapon ports
ChadBad - IFT-T conversion
CodaRez - Addon meshes, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, other meshes
Commander91 - BF2 Strikes Back asset pack
Conversion Pack Team - Various assets, K-Wing Assault Craft
DARTHD.U.C.K. - Royal Guard Assets, Remnant Navy Commando, TIE Viper, more
Darth Veritus - KotOR Asset Pack
Deviss - Many model assets (Ahsoka, Muun, Felucians, Rodians, more)
Fai222 - SFOR Carbine model
flipdark95 - W35 Carbine
FragMe! - AT-PT asset
Ginev - BF3 Tatooine Assets
Gistech - PH3 Darktrooper port, BF3 B1 BattleDroid port and skin, weapons (E5C), sound effects, various weapon ports. A lot, really.
GT Anakin - Dark Acolyte, First Order Trooper, Original ports of many BF3 Assets, as well as RC assets and other addons
GT Gogie - Excellent model assets, mostly backpacks (jetpack, engineer) and weapons (E11) were used. A lot, really.
GTTeancum - Work on above, as well as Saleucami and Chandrila maps, Xizor/Griph Moj model and many more, like Leia, Pilot, etc.. A lot, really.
Hebes - Orbital Strike Beacon
IndexOutofRange - First Order Jet Trooper
Indytotof - Lightsaber Hilts, Dark Acolyte
JabbaLovesLava and Delta_57_Slash - Disruptor Rifle
JazzMaster and WarbNull - E-Wing
JelloJordan - NN-14 Blaster
KingPin - Various Force Powers
Kinetosimpetus - TL-50 Repeater, probably some other models or animations
kiprobin - Wobani object models
LitFam - Some weapon sounds
Lord-Bandu - Dantooine and Saleucami foliage assets
Mastersaitek009 - Force Freeze, Force Heal, Force Stasis
Master_Luke - Gunner animations
Maveritchell - Conversion Pack Assets, Bacta Injector
MileHighGuy - Porting of Scout Trooper, Deployables, other assets
MeekoGhintee - Noghri Head
MetalcoreRancor - Playable Rancor Unit (not used yet)
mrgameboy2011 - Dark Acolyte
Nedarb7, [GT] Anakin - Clone Commando Backpacks, BF3 Skeleton
noctisspector - Weapon assets (DC17s, Plasma Cannon, etc.)
RepComm - NR Jetpack Model
Republic commander, Unit33, VanSting - Fall of Corellia Assets Pack
-Republic Commando- Other NR Jetpack Model
RepSharpShooter - Alderaan Pistol Flechette Gun, and other weapons
Sereja - Weapon models (Westar 34, DH-17, Carbonite Gun, ARC Caster, Viper Droid, more)
Sky_216 - Fusion Cutter
slomo - E22 Rifle Model (modified for E-15)
tylerlherring - SK1 Rifle
trainmaster611 and Repsharpshooter - Deployable Turret ODF
WarbNull - Nebula Star Destroyer
-_- - Force Wave


YouTube Channel

To see gameplay preview videos before they go live here on ModDB and if you're interested in any of my modding content in general, you can check out my YouTube channel at the following:



There's now a Discord Server for my mods and works-in-progress! Join if you'd like.


ayeeee. can't wait man! theres a lot of content here for a first release!

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Thanks for putting so much time into this

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