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Release notes for v0.0.0.3 of the alpha version of Distant Star: Revenant Fleet.

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Welcome to the second content release for Distant Star: Revenant Fleet!

The focus since the last release was to improve the underlying system that determines random events (and as a consequence, the chance of loot dropping) and improved enemy unit AI.

Eagle-eyed readers will spot some interesting content in the coming soon section, including a number of new maps, pirate faction and some insight into the ships and weapons that are coming to Distant Star.


* Added new story events
* Added shop events
* Updated rewards given by various events
* Updated loot tables
* Updated the algorithm populating sectors to include event chances
* Updated the ‘you are here’ arrow sprite
* Updated ship and attachment prices
* Added more audio
* Added greebled textures. Distant Star is now 100% more greebly.
* Improved the look of Assault ship engines
* Fixed background lighting. Added details to some backgrounds.
* Removed letters from objective UI.
* Updated various attachment icons.
* Buckshot moved to Core attachments
* Buckshot now implemented for AI ships.
* New VFX for Forced Targeting
* Added Forced Targeting to Enemy versions
* Updated missions to delete all trigger boxes on non-combat event.
* Added Divert Power VFX (using old Forced Targeting VFX)
* Shield modifiers and hull modifiers now reduce by fixed amounts rather than percentages.
* Set drones to use omni.
* Increased all ships sonar range by 10.
* Ships will now use their shortest ranged weapon as ideal range.

Bug Fixes

* Command ship Hull breakables fix.
* Updated start mission with BattleManager fixes.
* Map fixes for width and height and camera viewport dimensions
* The sector map will now re-scale correctly when the containing window is re-sized.
* A full check for disconnected cycles on the sector map is now present and functional so there should be no more disconnected maps generated.
* BattleManager should now hold back everything from spawning, bar terrain, until story has been resolved.
* Fixed the FleetBrowser shop tabs to display content correctly
* Updated description for Heavy Missile and Rapid Lance/Beam
* Fix for Ship Navigation removing themselves from the world
* Fixed gyroscope (ship ui now appea
rs over ships correctly)
* Fixed an issue with ship thrusters.

Features In Development (Coming Soon!)

* Sprites and materials created for the Erebus platform
* Code support for the Erebus platform
* Created assets for the orbital defence platform
* Assets created for the Orthani Artillery ship
* Added code support for pirate fleets
* Created pirate ships, including assault and Dreadnaught variations.
* Enemy ships can now pause capture progress
* Created new sector data files
* Can now activate a map trigger via story events
* Created assets and VFX for deployable turret
* Created assets and VFX for deployable mines
* Created three new maps
* Added VFX and textures for the new warning radius for Missiles, Mortar & Drones.

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