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Distant Star: Revenant Fleet releases the first content update v.

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This is the first content update for Distant Star: Revenant Fleet alpha access.

This release adds a few new weapons and bug fixes. We’ve also added a shop after the opening mission which allows you to buy any ship, weapon or upgrade currently available in the game. This is intended to allow players to test out different fleet combinations during alpha access and the feature will be removed when we fully launch the game.

New Stuff

  • Added Lance Weapons
    • Added recharge time on Lances
    • Beams / Lances damage improved
  • Added weapon variations such as; hull, ion, heavy and rapid
  • Nuke Launchers now do falloff damage
  • Updated how projectiles spawn explosions
    • Reduced missile explosion radius
    • Updated scale of explosions
  • Enemy ships now scale in difficulty over time
  • New random fleet setup and new spawn lists
  • Drones now obey forced targeting instruction
  • Added more story events
  • New sector map generation and operation now functional in-game
  • Shift-Drag functionality for ship selection
  • Updated trigger box setup
  • Added a new button to the Alpha popup, for Release Notes
  • Created VFX for the Sustained Damage Pulse and Sustained Mending Pulse
  • Added textures for Sabotage VFX
  • Added new VFX for the IonStorm
  • Added mending pulse to pulsar and forced targeting to NPC ships.
  • Made a VFX for Targeting Ships
  • Alpha screen to include readme.txt
  • Mending Pulse has AI so can be used by non-player ships.
  • Explosions have larger damage radius and new VFX
  • New ‘damaged ships as objectives’ added for future missions
  • Added Hunt Events for future missions
  • Added new attachments to shop after first Ambush mission for players to experiment with

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused game to crash if player opened options menu before starting a new game
  • Fixed arrow key movement
  • Fixed persistent on-hover state for nodes when you clicked on them.
  • Confirm popups on fleet browser no longer scaled weirdly
  • Debuffed the drones
  • No more crazy floaty terrain
  • Terrain collision box polish
  • Scrapped attachments no longer re-appear in combat
  • Cursor no longer gets stuck in panning and selection states
  • Fixed tutorial popup to avoid mask cutting into other UI

Remember, you can report bugs and let us know about your ideas and suggestions on our alpha forums.

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