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Classes changes, new skills and abilities. New items. Interface upgrades.

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We continue modifying classes. This update adds more than 15 skills that make different classes even more dissimilar.

At 7th level, all classes can select one of two skills; One of them increases the efficiency of the allies, and the other gives a bonus only to its owner. Are you a team fighter? It will not be easy to choose.
• Commando gives a mobility bonus to allies or himself.
• Juggernaut constantly increases nearby allies defense or goes in blind defense.
• Scout puts debilitating mark on the enemy or prepares for a kill shot.
• Support restores health and armor of ally or feels the approach of an enemy.

Each class gets a unique bonus related to armor:
• Scout can use light armor : +15% mobility , -10 % armor
• Juggernaut can use heavy armor : +15 % armor , -10% mobility
• Support and Commando get pockets for additional grenades.

Along with the introduction of the new features we decided to link access to active items slots to the level of the character. Now the character from the start only has 3 slots. At 5th level he gets a 4th slot. At the 10th level he can get the 5th slot or choose one of the two other bonuses related to the use of items; healing bonus when using an item or a price reduction of 7 AP for using the item.
Indicators showing available slots and the number of available items by their type (how much grenades can you carry) have been added to the inventory.
Now all classes have 4 skills with passive bonuses to different characteristics that can be raised by leveling up. The position of old bonuses has been changed.
In order to compensate for the lack of high level weapon and armor, high level characters get access to skills that increase damage and defense.

Each character got reset of skill points and class and received a refund of the previous accumilated experience points. You must now choose classes of mercenaries and learn skills again.

Items changes
• New helmet – “Guardian” (sold at npc John Smith)

• 50% discount on the engraving and 25% on the mark setting!
• Gray items have the quality of 90% instead of 80% now (applies to items that you received after the patch only) . Reminder: gray items do not require any skills to use.

Changes to the items parameters:
• SAW: Mobility changed from 56 to 58
• PP2000: Damage changed from 49-64 to 44-59
• Shocker: Damage changed from 33-70 to 33-56
• Baton: Damage changed from 39-81 to 39-66
• TMP: Damage changed from 45-59 to 40-53
• MAC-11: Damage changed from 40-53 to 36-48
• LAW: Distance changed from 25-70 to 20-70
• RPG-7: Distance changed from 25-70 to 20-70
• AK74: Damage changed from 53-64/aiming 58-69 to 56-67/61-72
• PSG1: cartridge clip 5->1, stock 5->9; reloading 30->15; offhand range 14-52->22-48, aiming range 29-48->27-54
• Autogen: Damage changed from 22-55 to 22-44

Graphics and maps
Three old locations have been fully reconstructed: Road Patrol, Factory and Industrial Area. From these locations you can see how all the maps will look like in the release version.
Location Oil Platform has been optimized. FPS should be higher.
Character textures have been improved (meaning they are more prominent in sunlight).

Other changes
• New colors for actives/guns/panels and changed the position of chat/panels.
• Detailed characters statlist has been added to inventory. Now you can see all the bonuses at the same time.
• Shotguns are medium weapons now (you cannot carry them with other medium weapons or shields now).
• Damage bonus in melee affects only weapons that have the melee damage type but not the close range weapons (thus it does not affect autogen).
• Healing power bonus affects armor restoring.
• Pass the turn button is locked in the corner of the screen.
• Shift- camera moves faster now.
• Moderators text has a green color in chat now.
• One explosive easter egg on the oldest map of LS.

• Chance to get victory twice in the event “Flags” has been fixed.
• A bug where no one could get the box in the “Detoxication” quest has been fixed.
• Display of the minimum level required for attacking gangs of 1-2 level has been fixed.
• Ability to activate an item or container on the run has been fixed.
• Minimum of 2 players are now required to start the “Detoxication” quest.
• Fixed Eternal UAV if its master died.
• Mutilator has been temporarily removed from Regulators gang.
• Inaccessibility of some boxes in “Jobs” quest has been fixed.

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