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The Portland Retro Gaming Expo, bug fixes and Net Yaroze!

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Here are your updates this week for Alpha 6

  • Added controls information in game, accessible by keypress
  • Added autotile feature to dungeon with new, easier to read chipset
  • All monster data is handle externally, allowing for easy inplementation of new monster data without digging into the game code
  • Improved gameplay speeds
  • Increased animation speeds on various sprites
  • Gameplay and combat have been drastically optimized
  • Added page burn effects to the Crawler's Tome, accessible by pressing spacebar
  • Added an overlay effect for when the player takes damage
  • Fixed a bug causing the minimap to display over the Crawler's Tome
  • Added breakable barrels full of goodies
  • Pressing ESC key no longer closes the game, you must now click the close button on the window bar
  • Fullscreen is now toggleable by pressing alt+enter instead of F4
  • Resolution has been bumped up to 1024*768 to alleviate strange pixelation errors
  • Monster data is now saved externally
  • Fishing soundtrack has been updated
  • Item and monster placement in the dungeons have been improved
  • In-house editing tools.
  • Gamepad support being implemented.

I was also able to get a hold of a Japanese Net Yaroze at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Very exciting! Sadly, though, I was unaware at the time of the second box, which can be seen here in this image; Holds all of the necessary cables, cards, discs, and books in order to make the actual system usable as a development kit. If someone here knows about this, or is able to find one in the attic or something, please contact Wolfgame 0 -at- gmail. Chris, myself, French Rice Games(!), and The Portland Indie Game Squad would be much appreciative if you were able to find the second box.

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