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Just a brief update regarding the recent push back of the release date and more news about the upcoming Alpha.

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Hey Everyone!
If you've been following the game, you may of noticed that it hasn't come out as it was suppose to on the 21st of September. This is mostly my fault and I'd like to apologize for what will be the final push back before the alpha release. I've been working around the clock to get everything playable, and unfortunately my end of the project fell short. A lot of last minute changes such as adding Single Player, redoing all the interfaces and fixing the many bugs in the build took longer than expected. But don't panic! The Alpha (currently version 0.4A) is doing well and the extra time is allowing us to polish the existing content while adding some more.

The Alpha will definitely be available on the 27th. We're not sure exactly what time it'll be released, so we'll post about it on our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, and we'll post it here too. We're also hoping to build up to the launch with screenshots and updates each day, so look forward to that.

The Alpha build will contain 4 modes. Grand Prix in which you race around any predetermined tracks against AI. Custom Race in which you can race around any four tracks from any cup against AI. Time Trial in which you try to complete 3 laps of a track in a specific time, and Multiplayer where you can race against you're friends (Online Only).

The Alpha will contain Lewis (subject to change) as the only playable character, and there will be several karts and wheels to combine. There will only be one cup available containing: 'Sjin's Farm', 'Simon's Dream', 'Sipsco Dirt Factory', and 'Zoey's Mushroom Land'.

Thanks for reading all of that, and I'd love for you to share the game with everyone you know as it represents a considerable amount of time and effort put in by loyal and devoted fans. Thanks,

Robo_Chiz - Lead Programmer

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