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I have finally done enough work for me to consider the game in the "ALPHA" stage. Now I am going to be working on adding more levels to the game and possibly implementing new things such as "Diplomacy".

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Hello again,

Sorry it has been so long, I have been busy with a few other things.

However, I am happy to announce the Alpha release of the game. It has all the originally intended features, multiplayer and the new gameplay. I also added support for the new PixelVision member service, which also allows you to report bugs while in the main menu.

The shield shader has been downgraded to simple transparency as I have transferred the game over to Unity 5 (it was made in Unity 4 originally) which broke the shader. I am still in the process of trying to fix it.

- Smaller turning circle for ships
- Maximum number of mines
- Missiles cost
- Missiles hitting the enemy planet no longer give resources
- Changed/Fixed Repair
- Locked in Tactical Mode, Normal mode is only used for "cinematic" purposes now

- Multiplayer (Buggy)
- Asteroids to mine
- Mining ship
- Ship-Ship combat ships
- Mines on homeplanet
- PixelVision account system
- Bug report system
- Custom Cursor

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