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I will be releasing a public alpha of spacehack tonight, uk time. or this afternoon if i make faster than expected progress. it may have co-op. i begun work on the net module last night, and it uses enet internally so most of the grunt work is done by that, i'm just writing the high level api. net to the end user of inovator will be transparant. no manual set up required. all games will be co-op enabled. if wanted!

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So yes, this alpha will be fully moddable just as any game is. via squirrel i think. going to implement the soft mod system right now, but basically hard mod = entities wrote in BlitzMax. soft mod = scripted entities. hard mods will run a lot faster and have more features.

Gameplay will be very basic in this first draft. I have yet to decide weather it will be real-time or turn based. I like the battle systems in games like fallout, knights of the republic and dragon age, but i do find them a bit basic. so do not expect something that just copies them. but inspiration is inspiration :)

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