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Alpha Squad in peer review for hopefully the final time before release on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

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Alpha Squad is back in peer review on the App Hub forums. Should the game pass peer review, we should see the game released within 48 hours, which would put us on the Xbox marketplace on late Friday or Saturday this week.I am really excited. This took fifteen months of work, between working a full time job and trying to save to develop this. It was extremely exausting work, but hopefully some of our efforts will pay off.

Now that the game is complete for release, it will allow me to step back a bit and watch how the gamers respond to the project. Once released, I will take in any and all feedback and work toward adding or changing the mechanics of the game in a future patch until we have the game that fulfills the majority of expectations.

I also need to start posting additional media of the game. It has been awhile since I have posted any screenshots or juicy media, however last week I brought in John McAllister, who is one of the best Arcade gamers in the world period. The guy holds world records in Asteroids, Joust, and Robotron to name a few. I brought him in to get his impressions on Alpha Squad and to submit the inaugural "world" highscore for the game :-)

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